Basted for Bond: Examining Cyril Castle


“Basted for Bond” continues with an infographic that examines the cuts and details of Cyril Castle’s jackets (including the silk dinner jacket and tan hopsack jacket), trousers and chesterfield coat that he made for Roger Moore to wear in Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun. Please enjoy below.



  1. Nice series! Perhaps it would be a nice touch to provide a link to the suits examined, such as the hopsack jacket mentioned above. If they’ve been discussed here before ofcourse, which I’m guessing they are.

  2. Except for the flared cuffs (which I could live without) the jackets are magnificent! The pants I will need to thik about somen more…

  3. Very cool. As I mature, I find myself appreciating Moore’s wardrobe more and more. Great colors and elegance, even if some of the fits are very much of that era’s fashions. No one is entirely immune to that, so Roger shouldn’t be held any higher standard than Connery, Brosnan, or Craig.

  4. Hi Matt, I’m loving these infographics! I do a little tailoring myself so these are helpful to emulate style! Could you tell me what a Leon chest is?

  5. Definitely my favourite suits and sports coats/blazer from the series, except for the flared trousers. Thanks for covering this, excellent job again! Could be helpful as example for my tailor.


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