The Living Daylights

General Pushkin’s Gun Club Check Jacket in The Living Daylights

Gun club jackets were popular in the 1980s, and both Sean Connery and Roger Moore wore them in their personal life at the tim...

Bond Wardrobe Review 15: The Living Daylights (1987)

Compared to the Moore films, Bond's clothes in The Living Daylights are more pedestrian. Dalton’s clothes are almost all ready-to-wear, which brings a realism to Bond’s wardrobe that we had never seen before. However, this also reflects Dalton’s lack of glamour in Bond.

Georgi Koskov’s Checked Jacket and Day Cravat in The Living Daylights

General Georgi Koskov's larger than life personality, brought to the screen by Jeroen Krabbé, is matched by a slightly flambo...

Timothy Dalton’s Suit for a Living Daylights Press Conference

Shortly after filming on The Living Daylights began, Timothy Dalton was introduced to the public as James Bond at a press confere...

The N.Peal Cashmere Living Daylights Sweater

One week from today, N.Peal will be officially launching their 007 Cashmere Collection inspired by 50 years of Bond. N.Peal g...

Q’s Glen Urquhart Check Suit in The Living Daylights

Q has a long tradition of wearing glen check suits, starting with Desmond Llewelyn's first appearance as Q in From Russia with L...

The Skydiving Jumpsuit for Gibraltar in The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights opens with James Bond and two other 00 agents parachuting to a training exercise on Gibraltar. They're all ...

The Afghan Combat Disguise in The Living Daylights

During the climax of The Living Daylights, James Bond dresses as one of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan whilst fighting as one ...