Casino Royale

Should James Bond Wear T-Shirts?

The T-shirt, or tee, is easily the most popular type of shirt in the world. The standard T-shirt is a simple collarless shirt...

Bond Wardrobe Review 21: Casino Royale (2006)

With Casino Royale, the Bond series was rebooted 'as if this is the first Bond picture and there never were any others', in producer Michael G. Wilson's words. There was almost a clean slate for how to interpret the character, which meant that the costume design also had an opportunity to start fresh.

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What Does ‘It’s Tailored!’ Mean?

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Judi Dench’s Warm Grey Armani Suit for the Office in Casino Royale

Bond Suits is venturing into womenswear with a dissection of Judi Dench's M's suit in Casino Royale. This may not be as excit...

Daniel Craig’s Screen Test Dinner Suit

Happy 52nd birthday to Daniel Craig! In 2005 Daniel Craig performed his screen test for the role of James Bond, which was the ...

How Does James Bond Dress After Leaving the Service?

Bond has left the secret service many times in the series, starting with Bond's attempt to leave it in On Her Majesty's Secre...

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