The Man with the Golden Gun

Bond Wardrobe Review 9: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

The Man with the Golden Gun's wardrobe review immediately follows Live and Let Die's because the wardrobes go hand-in-hand. Cyril Castle's second and final turn at tailoring James Bond ties up some loose ends from the previous film in the form of a black tie look.

Roger Moore’s Problem with Cyril Castle’s Collars

Cyril Castle produced some of the most dramatic and creatively tailored suits of the James Bond series when he tailored Roger...

James Bond and the Double-Breasted Suit

The classic James Bond suit is single-breasted, and the standard suit for almost all men in the world apart from Prince Charles i...

A Light Blue Bathrobe in The Man with the Golden Gun

Light blue is a popular colour for James Bond’s shirts, swimming shorts and bathrobes. The light blue terrycloth—a.k.a. towel...

A Black Double-Breasted Dinner Suit Made for The Man with the Golden Gun

Until Spectre came along, The Man with the Golden Gun was the only James Bond film in which Bond wears an ivory dinner jacket as ...

The Effect of Small Changes in a Silhouette

Most tailors have a house style that defines both the silhouette of their suits and how they execute the small details. Tailors h...

Scaramanga’s Light Blue Shirt and Trousers

The brilliant actor Christopher Lee died Sunday at the age of 93. He will always be remembered to James Bond fans for playing th...

Comparison: The Button Three Double-Breasted Blazer

Reader TheLordFlasheart made the excellent suggestion of comparing similar outfits worn by different James Bonds throughout th...