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Should James Bond Wear T-Shirts?

The T-shirt, or tee, is easily the most popular type of shirt in the world. The standard T-shirt is a simple collarless shirt made of jersey knit with a straight fit, a crew neck and short sleeves, though some have other neck lines and may have long sleeves or three-qua...

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Pierce Brosnan’s 1980s Black Tie Wedding Attire in Remington Steele

'Why are you running off in that monkey suit to marry a hooker?' is Laura Holt’s line that explains why Mr Steele is wearing ...

Terence Cooper’s Stylish Hayward Suits in Casino Royale (1967)

The 1967 spoof adaptation of Casino Royale is a mess of a film, but it’s a brilliantly creative success in two areas: Burt Ba...

Bond Wardrobe Review 21: Casino Royale (2006)

With Casino Royale, the Bond series was rebooted 'as if this is the first Bond picture and there never were any others', in producer Michael G. Wilson's words. There was almost a clean slate for how to interpret the character, which meant that the costume design also had an opportunity to start fresh.

Martin Landau’s Two Beautiful Suits in North By Northwest

North By Northwest is a stylish spy film from 1959 that set the stage for the Bond films to come in the following decade. Whi...

Roger Moore’s Powder Blue Three-Piece Suit in The Saint

‘The Queen’s Ransom’ is the first colour episode of The Saint that aired, and it takes advantage of colour by putting Roger M...

Turtleneck with Tailoring: An Alternative James Bond Style

Before the open-neck shirt with tailoring became popular, there was another way men wore their suits and jackets without a ti...

Tweed (00)7 Ways: How James Bond Wears the Classic Cloth

Tweed is a heavy, rough and tough woollen fabric that originated in the British Isles. It was designed for outdoor wear in th...

(00)7 Times When Roger Moore’s Bond Came Ill-Prepared in Loafers

Roger Moore's James Bond is known for his penchant for loafers, whether they're penny loafers, bit loafers or tassel loafers. Whi...

A James Bond-Inspired Blazer and Trousers from Alan David Custom

My wardrobe was desperately in need of two items to complete one of my favourite James Bond looks: a new double-breasted blaz...

Roger Moore’s Safari Suit at Cannes in 1977

On 20 May 1977, Roger Moore and Barbara Bach attended the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France to promote The Spy Who Loved...

How James Bond Balances Versatility and Specificity in his Wardrobe

Versatility is a wonderful thing, especially for men just starting to build their wardrobe and men on a lower budget. Versati...

James Bond’s Gold and Silver Blazer Buttons

There are numerous definitions of the term 'blazer'. In the 21st century, I hesitantly say that 'blazer' has become a synonym of ...