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James Bond’s Gold and Silver Blazer Buttons

There are numerous definitions of the term 'blazer'. In the 21st century, I hesitantly say that 'blazer' has become a synonym of 'lounge coat'. More traditionally, a blazer can be a number of different types of sports coats. Of the traditional types of blazers there are sol...

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James Bond’s Black-and-White Suits

The combination of black and white is an essential part of James Bond’s look. The dinner jacket is Bond’s signature look, and...

Ranking the (00)7 Best-Dressed Bond Villains

James Bond villains are known for their flash, but some of them wear their creative styles in a tasteful way. Only a handful of B...

James Bond’s (00)7 Dandiest Outfits

Bond is known for being well-dressed but not especially foppish. It's the main reason why his style seems accessible, despite its...

Bond Wardrobe Review 20: Die Another Day (2002)

Die Another Day was made during one of the best times for menswear and one of the worst times for menswear. In the early 2000s there were no new trends in suits, and that's not a bad thing. Suits were hardly any different than they were in the 1930s: well-balanced, structured and traditional.

How James Bond Dresses for Funerals and Mourning

Death is a way of life for James Bond, so it’s no surprise that he finds himself frequently attending funerals. Funerals are ...

Making Excuses for Licence to Kill’s Wardrobe

People often try to explain to me why the wardrobe in Licence to Kill is different from and not up to the usual standards of Jame...

Should Collar Points Reach Your Lapels?

Here's a topic that comes up occasionally, and some people have strong opinions about it while others can’t be bothered with it. ...

(00)7 Reasons Why the Goldfinger Glen Check Suit Is So Iconic

2024 marks the 60th anniversary of Goldfinger, the film that cemented the Bond formula. If there's one suit in the James Bond...

Two Unstructured Jackets: Different Fits, Same Concept in Licence to Kill and Spectre

Timothy Dalton’s navy Teba jacket in Licence to Kill and Daniel Craig’s light brown lounge jacket from Brunello Cucinelli in ...

The Stylish Beverly Hills Suits of The Dick Van Dyke Show

The legendary Dick Van Dyke turns 98 years old this week. It's a stretch to include Van Dyke in the scope of this blog, but d...

My Anthony Sinclair Made-to-Measure Thunderball Mohair Suit

Sean Connery's two grey suits in Thunderball have always been among my favourite suits of the James Bond series, and I believ...

Two Buttons vs Three Buttons on James Bond’s Suits

James Bond is most associated with having two buttons on his suit jackets because it is what Sean Connery almost always wears...