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Review and Anatomy of a Tom Ford Shirt

I now have my first Tom Ford shirt thanks to my friend Ken Stauffer, @Oceansographer on Instagram. While Tom Ford's suits are mainly inspired by Savile Row tailoring with a touch of Italy, the shirts are much more Italian but with a touch of England. The shirt is mad...

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Bond Wardrobe Review 7: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever presents the largest tailored wardrobe of the entire Bond series. Despite the primary Las Vegas location, Bond maintains his quintessentially dressed-up look there and almost

Remington Steele’s Classic Grey Herringbone Jacket

This week Pierce Brosnan celebrates his 70th birthday. From the time his television series Remington Steele premiered in 1982...

The Top (00)7 Tailored Outfits of a Spring Bond Wardrobe

The spring tailored wardrobe is full of fun and fascinating possibilities. Spring offers many useful items for three-season wear ...

A Guide to Designing a Cocktail Cuff

The cocktail cuff is not a monolith. The cuff that Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig have immortalised in eleven James B...

Bond Wardrobe Review 6: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

A Fresh Look for the Other Fella. On Her Majesty's Secret Service marks the not only the first instance in the James Bond series of a new Bond actor but also a new tailor for Bond. George Lazenby replaced Sean Connery and Dimi Major replaced Anthony Sinclair.

The Evolution of Daniel Craig’s Suit Fit in the James Bond Films

Daniel Craig is famous for the tight-fitting suits he wore as James Bond, but his fits weren’t always that way. Changes in fashio...

Bond Wardrobe Review 5: You Only Live Twice (1967)

A rather odd mixture of styles, but Bond refuses to go entirely Japanese. You Only Live Twice breaks away from the past wardrobe successes for less James Bond style and more borrowed clothes and disguises. While there are a few iconic looks that remind us that Sean Connery is still James Bond, many outfits miss the mark.

Shades of Grey in James Bond’s Suitings

Grey is James Bond's preferred suit colour, but he does not discriminate when it comes to the shade of grey. His wardrobes in...

Bond Wardrobe Review 4: Thunderball (1965)

Let's give a thunderous round of applause to Thunderball's costuming.

Jeans Bond: Does Denim Fit 007?

Blue jeans are one of the most important garments of the past century, but until recently they were not part of James Bond’s styl...

Bond Wardrobe Review 3: Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger not only solidified the formula for the Bond films overall but also for Bond's look.

The Shades of James Bond’s Blue Suits

Timothy Dalton told Garth Pearce in 1989 of the colour Bond should wear, ‘He’s got a naval background, so he needs a strong, simp...