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Jeans Bond: Does Denim Fit 007?

Blue jeans are one of the most important garments of the past century, but until recently they were not part of James Bond’s style. This changed when Daniel Craig became James Bond. Blue jeans started as a utilitarian garment. They’re hard wearing and designed for ma...

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Bond Wardrobe Review 3: Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger not only solidified the formula for the Bond films overall but also for Bond's look.

The Shades of James Bond’s Blue Suits

Timothy Dalton told Garth Pearce in 1989 of the colour Bond should wear, ‘He’s got a naval background, so he needs a strong, simp...

Bond Wardrobe Review 2: From Russia with Love (1963)

Sean Connery's clothes in From Russia with Love are a continuation of what was established for James Bond's wardrobe in Dr. No, with a larger budget and a larger suit wardrobe.

The Tonal Style of James Bond

James Bond has rarely been one to dress in a rainbow of colours. Some of Bond's most iconic outfits are the complete opposite of ...

Bond Wardrobe Review 1: Dr. No (1962)

A Successful First Fitting for 007 James Bond: Sean ConneryDirector: Terence YoungCostumes: Tessa WelbornWardrobe master: ...

Georgi Koskov’s Checked Jacket and Day Cravat in The Living Daylights

General Georgi Koskov's larger than life personality, brought to the screen by Jeroen Krabbé, is matched by a slightly flambo...

Learning from Bond: Combining Four Textures with a Suit

The typical dandy will often attempt to combine an outfit of four patterns. The outfit might consist of a suit in a wide stripe, ...

How James Bond Wears Blue Trousers

Blue is James Bond’s colour. He frequently wears blue suits, blue blazers, blue shirts, blue ties, blue coats, blue jackets a...

The Peaked-Lapel Chesterfield in From Russia with Love

Though Sean Connery had a limited—but more-than-adequate—wardrobe in Dr. No due to budget restrictions, he was provided with an e...

How James Bond Coordinates Texture in Clothing

Colour and pattern are the primary elements people use when mixing and matching their clothes, but texture is equally as importan...

Daniel Craig’s Vintage-Style Safari Suit in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

In his first film since leaving the role of James Bond, Daniel Craig returns to the part of Detective Benoit Blanc in the 202...

What Does ‘It’s Tailored!’ Mean?

Casino Royale features one of the most iconic clothing-related scenes of the James Bond films. James Bond finds a dinner jack...