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Franz Sanchez’s Tan Silk Suit in Licence to Kill

July 2024 marks the 35th anniversary of Licence to Kill. The best-dressed man in Licence to Kill is not James Bond; it's the film's main villain, Franz Sanchez. James Bond villains are often dressed as well as Bond himself, albeit in a different manner. They might be mo...

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Bond Wardrobe Review 23: Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall sees another revolution in Bond's style with a new costume designer, Jany Temime. Tom Ford returned to make the tailoring, shirts and ties, while the casual wear was supplied by British brands. Temime worked with Tom Ford and Daniel Craig to create a new tailored look for Bond,

Why James Bond Wears Wool in the Summer Heat

Wool is often thought to be a fibre for warmth, but in reality it’s a performance fibre that can be spun and woven into many ...

The Herringbone Linen Suit in The World Is Not Enough

The ecru herringbone Irish linen suit for the final Turkey scenes in The World Is Not Enough is a clear standout amongst Pierce Brosnan's many suits as James Bond. This is one of James Bond's most relaxed suits of the series, particularly because it is one of Bond's few 100& linen suits.

(00)7 Colours Part 2–How Bond Stylishly Combines Colours

James Bond has a simple but sophisticated way of dressing with colour. His predominant colour palette is blue and neutrals—black,...

(00)7 Colours: Part 1–Bond’s Palette

James Bond has a colour palette that defines his look, but it’s hardly anything distinctive. It’s nothing more than what has ...

The Blue Herringbone Flannel Suit in Goldfinger

Iconic scenes make for iconic clothes, and thus one suit from Sean Connery’s Bond films remains tremendously popular despite its limited screen time. When Bond visits Q-Branch in Goldfinger—the first time he visits the lab on screen—to learn that his Bentley has been replaced with an election-seat-fitted Aston Martin DB5,

Mother of Pearl Buttons: Radiating from James Bond’s Clothes

The uniquely shiny, iridescent visage of mother of pearl buttons makes them a luxurious addition to many different kinds of c...

Bond Wardrobe Review 22: Quantum of Solace (2008)

The story of Quantum of Solace is a direct continuation of Casino Royale, but the wardrobe is almost another reboot. The remnants of the Brosnan era are gone and a new costume designer and clothier enter: Louise Frogley and Tom Ford.

Should James Bond Wear T-Shirts?

The T-shirt, or tee, is easily the most popular type of shirt in the world. The standard T-shirt is a simple collarless shirt...

Pierce Brosnan’s 1980s Black Tie Wedding Attire in Remington Steele

'Why are you running off in that monkey suit to marry a hooker?' is Laura Holt’s line that explains why Mr Steele is wearing ...

Terence Cooper’s Stylish Hayward Suits in Casino Royale (1967)

The 1967 spoof adaptation of Casino Royale is a mess of a film, but it’s a brilliantly creative success in two areas: Burt Ba...

Bond Wardrobe Review 21: Casino Royale (2006)

With Casino Royale, the Bond series was rebooted 'as if this is the first Bond picture and there never were any others', in producer Michael G. Wilson's words. There was almost a clean slate for how to interpret the character, which meant that the costume design also had an opportunity to start fresh.