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Bond Wardrobe Review 9: The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

The Man with the Golden Gun's wardrobe review immediately follows Live and Let Die's because the wardrobes go hand-in-hand. Cyril Castle's second and final turn at tailoring James Bond ties up some loose ends from the previous film in the form of a black tie look.

Bond Wardrobe Review 8: Live and Let Die (1973)

Drinking bourbon instead of a vodka martini and smoking cigars instead of cigarettes famously differentiated Roger Moore’s first appearance as James Bond in Live and Let Die from his that of his two predecessors, but his sartorial style was different from the previous Bonds’ styles as well.

James Bond: The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit

Just as the book Bond has the dark blue tropical worsted suit, the film Bond has the grey flannel suit. The grey flannel suit...

Roger Moore’s Problem with Cyril Castle’s Collars

Cyril Castle produced some of the most dramatic and creatively tailored suits of the James Bond series when he tailored Roger...

Khakis vs Khaki Trousers: James Bond’s More Sophisticated Choice

Cotton 'khakis' and chinos are not a substitute for smarter tailored wool, linen and cotton trousers in the same colours. The...

Roger Moore’s Stone-Coloured Safari Suit from a Live and Let Die Still

James Bond actors often have clothes made for their Bond films that are either cut from the film's wardrobe or are made to wear i...

Cyril Castle Tailored James Bond’s Best Jacket Silhouette

If I had to single out one of James Bond's jacket cuts as my favourite, I would choose Cyril Castle's cut for Live and Let Di...

Connery vs Moore: Two 1970s Conduit Street Suits

Sean Connery and Roger Moore had much different interpretations of the James Bond character, but they dressed with a few simi...