Sean Connery

The Blue Herringbone Flannel Suit in Goldfinger

Iconic scenes make for iconic clothes, and thus one suit from Sean Connery’s Bond films remains tremendously popular despite its limited screen time. When Bond visits Q-Branch in Goldfinger—the first time he visits the lab on screen—to learn that his Bentley has been replaced with an election-seat-fitted Aston Martin DB5,

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Turtleneck with Tailoring: An Alternative James Bond Style

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(00)7 Reasons Why the Goldfinger Glen Check Suit Is So Iconic

2024 marks the 60th anniversary of Goldfinger, the film that cemented the Bond formula. If there's one suit in the James Bond...

How James Bond Wears a Pocket Square

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Bond Wardrobe Review 7: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever presents the largest tailored wardrobe of the entire Bond series. Despite the primary Las Vegas location, Bond maintains his quintessentially dressed-up look there and almost

Bond Wardrobe Review 5: You Only Live Twice (1967)

A rather odd mixture of styles, but Bond refuses to go entirely Japanese. You Only Live Twice breaks away from the past wardrobe successes for less James Bond style and more borrowed clothes and disguises. While there are a few iconic looks that remind us that Sean Connery is still James Bond, many outfits miss the mark.

Bond Wardrobe Review 4: Thunderball (1965)

Let's give a thunderous round of applause to Thunderball's costuming.