Sean Connery

Bond Wardrobe Review 3: Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger not only solidified the formula for the Bond films overall but also for Bond's look.

Bond Wardrobe Review 2: From Russia with Love (1963)

Sean Connery's clothes in From Russia with Love are a continuation of what was established for James Bond's wardrobe in Dr. No, with a larger budget and a larger suit wardrobe.

Bond Wardrobe Review 1: Dr. No (1962)

A Successful First Fitting for 007 James Bond: Sean ConneryDirector: Terence YoungCostumes: Tessa WelbornWardrobe master: ...

The Peaked-Lapel Chesterfield in From Russia with Love

Though Sean Connery had a limited—but more-than-adequate—wardrobe in Dr. No due to budget restrictions, he was provided with an e...

The 60-Year Legacy of the Dr. No Dinner Suit

For 60 years, the image of James Bond is still defined by the first outfit he ever wore in the series. This outfit is his dinner ...

The (00)7 Tailored Staples of the Sean Connery Bond Wardrobe

There are seven types of tailored outfits that Sean Connery wears that encompass the majority of his James Bond's tailored style ...

Never Say Never Again’s Style Versus Connery’s Earlier Bond Style

When Sean Connery returned to the role of James Bond in Never Say Never Again in 1983, many things were different than they w...

James Bond’s Tailored Casual Trouser Style

People usually think that a tailor is who they see for clothes to wear when dressing up, but they can be much more than that. Tai...