Bond Wardrobe Review 17: GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond was successfully reinvented for the 1990s. Pierce Brosnan played a new kind of Bond who focused on physical action stunts. The Bond films started to become modern action films in the Dalton era, but the action became a larger focus of the Bond films starting with GoldenEye. This would alter Bond’s costume needs.

Olive Green Tactical Clothing for Cuba in GoldenEye

For his final assault on Janus' Cuban base and satellite dish, James Bond is appropriately dressed in a tactical outfit of sh...

Pierce Brosnan’s Double-Breasted Suit in GoldenEye Stills

The James Bond series suit makers often make additional clothes for the Bond actors to wear for promotional photography in charac...

Pierce Brosnan’s Classic Black Swim Trunks in GoldenEye

Some Bonds, like Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, like to swim. The others not so much. One of the rare times we see another Bo...

A Military Jacket and Vest in Archangel in GoldenEye

Pierce Brosnan brought James Bond into the 1990s by turning the spy into an action hero in a way no Bond had done before. With l...

Sulka Shirts

Pierce Brosnan wears white poplin, ivory poplin, light blue end-on-end and French blue check shirts as well as a pleated fly-fron...

Cool in the Caribbean: A Tan Cotton Suit in GoldenEye

When Bond is driving his BMW Z3 in GoldenEye, he wears a cotton suit made by Brioni in their "Augusto" model. The cotton suit...

James Bond’s Puffed Pocket Squares

The puffed silk pocket square is the standard for those who wish to add a splash of colour in their breast pocket instead of ...