Pierce Brosnan’s Classic Black Swim Trunks in GoldenEye

Some Bonds, like Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, like to swim. The others not so much. One of the rare times we see another Bo...

A Military Jacket and Vest in Archangel in GoldenEye

Pierce Brosnan brought James Bond into the 1990s by turning the spy into an action hero in a way no Bond had done before. With l...

Sulka Shirts

Pierce Brosnan wears white poplin, ivory poplin, light blue end-on-end and French blue check shirts as well as a pleated fly-fron...

Cool in Cuba: A Tan Linen Suit in GoldenEye

On his arrival in Cuba in GoldenEye, Bond wears a linen or linen blend twill suit made by Brioni in their "Augusto" model. The t...

James Bond’s Puffed Pocket Squares

The puffed silk pocket square is the standard for those who wish to add a splash of colour in their breast pocket instead of t...

James Bond’s Brogues

The full brogue is a versatile shoe that can be worn from casual wear to business wear. The full brogue is set apart from less...
Navy Overcoat GoldenEye1

Navy Overcoat in Saint Petersburg

Bond arrives in Saint Petersburg, Russia in GoldenEye wearing a navy overcoat—probably made by Brioni—over his charcoal windowpa...
Charcoal Windowpane-Cream Shirt

The Charcoal Windowpane Suit in GoldenEye

For GoldenEye, costume designer Lindy Hemming commissioned three different three-piece suits—plus plenty of extras—from Brioni...