You Only Live Twice

Bond Wardrobe Review 5: You Only Live Twice (1967)

A rather odd mixture of styles, but Bond refuses to go entirely Japanese. You Only Live Twice breaks away from the past wardrobe successes for less James Bond style and more borrowed clothes and disguises. While there are a few iconic looks that remind us that Sean Connery is still James Bond, many outfits miss the mark.

Anthony Sinclair Pink Shirt and Grey Trousers from Mason & Sons

In honour of this year's 50th anniversary of You Only Live Twice, I got an Anthony Sinclair shirt and Anthony Sinclair trouse...

Tiger Tanaka’s Grey Suits

M's Japanese counterpart in You Only Live Twice, Tiger Tanaka, dresses more like James Bond than M. Tanaka, played by Tetsuro Ta...

Osato’s Charcoal Suit in You Only Live Twice

Though black is now the prevailing colour for the lounge suit in Japan, that is not shown to be the case in You Only Live Twice b...

Q’s Bush Shirt and Bermuda Shorts

When Q visits Japan in You Only Live Twice, he wears the classic British military warm-weather outfit of a bush shirt tucked int...

James Bond’s Yukata at Tanaka’s Home in You Only Live Twice

Of all the cultures James Bond visits, he outwardly shows the most appreciation for Japanese culture in You Only Live Twice. He f...

Black and White Shoes Stolen from an Assassin in You Only Live Twice

In You Only Live Twice, Bond visits Dikko Henderson's (Charles Gray) home and follows the Japanese custom of removing his sho...
Connery Linen Shirt

Beige Linen Camp Shirt and Brown Trousers in You Only Live Twice

In You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery wears an outfit of a linen sports shirt and linen trousers to be comfortable in Japan's ...