From Tailors with Love: The Book Is Now Available!


I’m excited to announce that you can now order the book From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, authored by myself (Matt Spaiser) and Peter Brooker and published by BearManor Media. From Tailors with Love tells the story of the celluloid Bond’s clothing and the talents behind the wardrobes through the people who worked on the films, the fashions of the eras and the meaning the clothes have within the films. The book provides fresh insights through exclusive interviews with Bond-series costume designers Lindy Hemming, Jany Temime, Jodie Tillen and Emma Porteous, the late celebrity shirtmaker to the Bond series Frank Foster, Bond film director John Glen, menswear mogul Umberto Angeloni, keeper of the Bond brands David Mason, Bond collector and experiencer David Zaritsky and many others.

This book tells the history of James Bond’s clothing through text and original photos and illustrations that detail the work by the tailors and clothiers featured in the book. It does not feature imagery from the Bond films or of the Bond actors, and it is not a coffee table book. It is a book to be read and referenced.

The book was officially released on 31 May 2021, and can order the book in a number of ways:

From the publisher (the best way!)






If you do not live in the US or the UK, you can also search your local Amazon for it.

Press Release

Download the press release.

The Unboxing

Below you can watch us unbox the first physical copy of the book:


  1. Congratulations on this milestone! I pre-ordered my copy a few days ago, and I look forward to reading it.

  2. hi Matt
    Mazel Tov
    I ordered today 2 copies one for me one for my son.
    too bad it won’t be signed.
    Maybe next time you come to Paris.
    Best of luck with the book

  3. Matt,
    Congratulations to you and Peter! I pre-ordered my copy a couple of days ago. You continually amaze, entertain, and enlighten me!

  4. Congratulations on the book release Matt! Looking forward to reading it once it arrives to my door. Hope the book is a worldwide hit. Best of luck and stay safe.

  5. Congratulations on fulfilling this achievement Matt! I have been following this blog for years and to now finally see you come out with a book on this topic is a dream come true. I have learned so much from on the topic of James Bond’s clothes that I had never noticed before while watching the James Bond movies. You have always impressed me with your knowledge on this subject and I can’t wait to read about it in your book!


  6. Congratulations for that release, Matt and Peter ! Looking forward to discovering these exclusive interviews !

  7. Congratulations, Matt and Peter. I’m sure you remember a certain someone advising you years back that a book based on your wonderful blog would be a great idea “wink”. This is a must have book for all discerning gentlemen!

    • Thanks, David! This book is more than just something based on this blog, and it has many new stories about your favourite clothes-makers to the Bond series, which are my favourite parts of the book.

      • I’ve mine on order and very much look forward to reading these stories.

  8. Congratulations Matt, looking forward to getting a copy and enjoying the contents and details of this history.

  9. After enjoying this book last year I also found another book on the same theme “Fashioning James Bond: Costume, Gender and Identity in the World of 007”. Has anyone here read it and can recommend it?

    • I flipped through the book – have not had a chance to read it in full yet, but seems like a fairly serious piece of work and analysis (admittedly I expected a more generic analysis based on the book title).

      In just a brief skim, I’ve already seen a few things I have not come across before, such as Connery’s measurements as taken by Anthony Sinclair.

      • I have the book, and it looks like an amazing work. But I’ve hardly had a chance to read anything since it arrived. It’s next on my list for when I have time to read a book!


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