From Russia With Love

Bond Wardrobe Review 2: From Russia with Love (1963)

Sean Connery's clothes in From Russia with Love are a continuation of what was established for James Bond's wardrobe in Dr. No, with a larger budget and a larger suit wardrobe.

The Peaked-Lapel Chesterfield in From Russia with Love

Though Sean Connery had a limited—but more-than-adequate—wardrobe in Dr. No due to budget restrictions, he was provided with an e...

Morzeny’s Black Leather Pea Coat in From Russia with Love

Morzeny, played by actor Walter Gotell who would later play General Gogol of the KGB in six Bond films, is the director of th...

James Bond vs The Saint: Two 1960s Conduit Street Suits

In the 1960s, Sean Connery and Roger Moore starred in their own series that had much in common. Those two series are the Jame...

Captain Nash’s English Clothing

Though we only see Captain Nash for a few seconds in From Russia with Love, he is a familiar character because his name is tak...

Kronsteen’s Mod-Inspired Tonik Suit

SPECTRE agent Number 5 Kronsteen, played by Polish actor Vladek Sheybal in From Russia with Love, is a natty dresser who is v...

Not Mad About Benz’s tailor

"Not mad about his tailor, are you?" says Bond to Kerim Bey about Benz's suit. Benz is a Russian security agent played by Englis...

Captain Nash’s Grey C-Crown Trilby

James Bond wears a different type of trilby than he ordinarily does during the climax of From Russia with Love with his dark gre...