A Teaser of Things to Come


These two photos are, if you’ll forgive the analogy, only the tip of the tentacle. Stay tuned for more.


  1. A Moore-inspired evening shirt from the same maker as your Connery-style shirt ?
    Or is it the latest creation of Mason & Sons ?!
    I am pretty sure it is not bespoke T&A though judging by how spaced the cuff buttons are.

    Anyway, it just looks like a very nice Christmas present in advance 😉

      • And the typical stitching on the fly placket is Moore-inspired also I guess. I like the chevron cloth a lot. It looks a bit like your own interpretation of the evening shirt in Thunderball !


  2. A Beautiful Shirt! I look forward to seeing your review of it.

    P.S. I read in the article you shared that Frank Foster’s company is continued on by his wife and daughter. Are they still accepting of new customers or no?

  3. I’m probably in a minority here but I just don’t ‘get’ cocktail cuffs.

    As the literary Bond was so utilitarian I would imagine he would see them as something fussy and effete.

    That aside, when wearing a more formal suit or in particular a dinner jacket, I don’t get why anyone would sidestep the opportunity to dust off a nice pair of cuff links.

    • I wear shirts with jumpers and so the French cuffs stick out which looks terrible. They also make typing impossible. I think cocktail cuffs give you the look of French cuffs without the unsightly bulge and the ability to sit at a computer without constantly knocking them on the desk.

      • Yeah I can see why cufflinks don’t work under a jumper, or for typing, but then I’d say they are too formal for either scenario and that’s where ordinary button cuffs come in. Would anyone even see cocktail cuffs under a jumper? Unless you do that 1970’s thing of having the shirt cuff turnback on the outside of the jumper sleeve, in which case I hope you have a good laundry!

      • In spring or autumn, a jumper is often put on or disguarded depending on the weather which in indecisive. So if you remove the jumper, the cuffs will be visible. I see your point though. I’ve never understood why anyone would wear a tie under a round neck jumper (as Daniel Craig did at the SPECTRE press launch.) Or a waistcoat so low that it vanishes when the jacket is done up. I guess it’s like wearing lucky socks. You know it’s there, sure, but no-one else does

  4. When we talk to the frank foster company, would they automatically know what you want when you say, I want the james bond shirt of roger moore? I ask because turnbull asser has a habit of transferring me to sales associates who say they are familiar with the bond shirts and neckties but really have no idea what they are talking about.

    • You’d probably have to provide some photos to show them specifically what you are talking about. However, that doesn’t mean they will be willing to make whatever you ask. They might not want to do everything you ask of them. They will work with you to make you what you want, but they aren’t in the business of making exact replicas.

    • My experience of them, in that regard, has been very positive and they will certainly try. They recently made me what is a very close approximation of the shirt worn with the tan sports coat in LALD, for example. To be frank (sorry ) the daughter, Sam, is less rigid and more open to ideas than her Dad. I don’t mean that as a criticism of Frank Foster; I guess it’s a by product of ageing.

  5. What a truly beautifully unique evening shirt. I have a certain…affection for herringbone as a dress shirt patter after I was introduced to it with my first Brioni dress shirt.
    I had never even thought of the idea of having herringbone on a proper evening shirt.
    The marriage of the fly front, it presumably being early/late Brosnan and CR Craig, and the cocktail cuffs is a stroke of genius.
    Bow tie; Turnbull and Asser?
    I have seen Frank Foster’s new Instagram page and you should too. They show some unique patterns but they shared Sean Connery’s ivory Goldfinger evening outfit. I don’t seem to recall the maker of the shirts for that film, were they Foster?
    Very much looking forward to what is in store, Matt.


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