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Bond Wardrobe Review 3: Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger not only solidified the formula for the Bond films overall but also for Bond's look.

Learning from Bond: Blue on Blue with a Suit

Last week when I attended a wedding during a heatwave in Southern California, I was tasked to put together an outfit that was...

The (00)7 Times James Bond Wears Pink

James Bond primarily wears typically masculine colours and shades like blue, grey and black, but he's not opposed to wearing pink...

The Semi-Spread Collar: A Classic James Bond Collar

There’s one shirt collar that looks good on every man and never goes out of style: the semi-spread collar. The semi-spread co...

James Bond and the Cotton Jersey Sports Shirt

The cotton jersey shirt, originally trendy in the 1970s when James Bond first wore it, has been become popular again. The jer...

Learning from Bond: My Own Way to Wear the Beige Live and Let Die Shirt

I have a lot of fun wearing clothes that James Bond would wear, but I like to combine them in ways James Bond would not. I th...

James Bond and the Point Collar: An On-and-Off Relationship

As a thoroughly British character, James Bond has traditionally worn spread and semi-spread collars. However, the point colla...

Roger Moore’s Peak-Lapel Suit on The Dick Cavett Show

On the 14 May 1971, Roger Moore appeared on The Dick Cavett Show, alongside Enoch Powell and Jonathan Miller, to discuss his ...