The Love Punch: A Double-Breasted Summer Sports Coat


In 2013, Pierce Brosnan starred in The Love Punch as a divorced man opposite Emma Thompson, who plays his ex-wife. They team up to seek revenge on a businessman who stole their pensions. The film opens with Brosnan at an outdoor summer wedding reception wearing a cool grey-green double-breasted sports coat with cream trousers and an open-neck shirt. Brosnan’s outfit has a sporty and casual look that a man of any age can wear, and it lends a youthful look to the 60-year-old Pierce Brosnan. Though his outfit is stylish, he’s dressed down more than the other men at the wedding, who are wearing summer suits and ties. Brosnan, however, is the only man who isn’t sweating.


Brosnan’s jacket is an unusual colour, but the cool, muted shade of green flatters Brosnan’s cool complexion, and green fits in with the outdoor surroundings. The cloth is woven in a hopsack weave, but the composition of the cloth is difficult to determine. It is likely a blend and could be made up of two or three fibres, including wool, linen, cotton or silk. The double-breasted jacket is the traditional button two, show three configuration, and Brosnan fastens both buttons. That is by all means allowed on a double-breasted jacket, but only fastening the top button would have better matched the casual way he wears this jacket.

The jacket is made in Italian style, and it’s probably an altered ready-to-wear piece. It has narrow, softly padded shoulders with gently roped sleeve heads and a short length, which is meant to resemble—but not entirely copy—a Neapolitan look. The jacket has flat-felled seams on the back and sleeves and prominent pick stitching done by hand on the other seams and edges  to give it a casual look. Just because it’s double-breasted, that doesn’t mean it needs to be a formal jacket. The buttons contrast the jacket in beige corzo nut. The jacket is detailed with rounded open patch pockets, four buttons on the cuffs and double vents. There is a buttonhole in each peaked lapel.


Brosnan’s cream trousers are likely made of linen and have a flat front. His cream shirt is possibly a cotton and linen blend, and it has a cutaway collar, plain front and rounded button cuffs. Brosnan wears the collar and first button undone and spread open to keep cool. He wears a puffed cream linen or cotton handkerchief in his breast pocket.

There is much uncertainly in the article concerning what these clothes are made from. Brosnan’s clothes all look very neat and crisp, which is easy to accomplish when an actor is mostly standing still. Filmmaking wardrobe techniques can easily account for the absence of linen’s characteristic wrinkling. The jacket’s stitching makes it unlikely to be 100% wool, but its smooth drape means that it’s likely not all linen or cotton.



  1. I like this outfit very much in theory, but to me the fit of the jacket looks pretty bad in the stills you posted. Having not seen the film, is this only because Brosnan has his hands in his pockets in theese particular shots? Or mabey it’s just the fashionable shorter length/higher button placement that clashes with Brosnan’s figure.

    Overall though, like I said, its a great outfit and something I could defenitely weart myself in summer. One can certainly get a lot of style inspiration from Brosnan, both pre and post his Bond years.

    • Thats generally true, however on this jacket the shoulders is the only part of the jacket that fits well.

    • The overall length of the jacket is ok for a DB, but I think all the buttons should have been placed a little lower – there is too much length of jacket below the last row of buttons. The shoulders could also have used a little padding.

  2. A great summer look for an outdoor wedding reception. Light, cool and stylish but a bit lower on the formality scale than a full summer suit. I think the lightly padding shoulders are fine as it gives the jacket a more casual look. The jacket is as Matt has said is most likely ready to wear but it fits fine considering. One thing I don’t get is people saying Brosnan doesn’t have a good build, he’s 6ft2 and about 95 kg. In most of his Bond films although lighter he was lean and well-muscled. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to be fit and strong.

  3. It’s a very tasteful outfit which manages to make double breasted look modern while also showing that there’s no need to sacrifice fit and proportion in doing so.

    The colour is certainly interesting and not something one would see often. A green which suits a cool complexion like Brosnan’s more than many greens which are much better on a spring complexion. It’s a little dressed down for a wedding but for a summer garden party or the middle ground between suit and casual wear it looks great and as always Brosnan carries off that open neck look with effortless ease.

  4. Strange…with the patch pockets and unconventional color for a “blazer” (which technically it is not !), Cary Grant’s equally unconventional grey blazer in “To catch a thief” came to mind. A double breasted, updated version made to suit Pierce Brosnan’s complexion but with the same spirit.

  5. With a knitted tie, this outfit could easily be dressed up. Though even without a tie he looks miles ahead of the gentleman to the right. Poor suit fit and undersized bow tie.

  6. I presume the jacket is tailored by Hackett. Pierce Brosnan is their “ambassador” and as such all suits he wears in films or in private under that contract are made by Hackett. I know their head tailor and remember how he told me that they had to make a black suit for the tragic funeral of his daughter in 2013 very quickly after Pierce had joined.

  7. Besides cream, what other colored trousers can go well with a jacket like this (or rather a single-breasted version of this)? And can a light blue shirt go well with the outfit as well as a burgundy or navy tie?

  8. I wanna know how you determined this is a sports coat, not just a lounge coat.
    Is there points I missed about jacket’s sporty detail in the post except pick stitching?

    • It is made in a textured fabric with sporty details like patch pockets and contrasting buttons. The style is derived from classic blazers without being a true blazer.


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