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For a few years now, American comedian Jimmy Fallon, host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has been a fan of Tom Ford’s clothing. Last October when I was watching the show I noticed his suit he looked familiar. It was the Tom Ford O’Connor model, the suit designed for Daniel Craig in Skyfall. The ready-to-wear version of the suit is a button two instead of a button three like Daniel Craig wore, but everything else about the suit is the same. Like Craig’s suits, Fallon’s deep charcoal suit has narrow shoulders, narrow lapels, a shorter length, a single vent, button three cuffs and slightly slanted flap pockets. Though Fallon’s suit jacket is fashionably short like Craig’s, it’s not too tight like Craig’s suit jackets are. Fallon’s jacket are fitted closely through the body but don’t pull like Craig’s do.


Fallon wears a light grey shirt, also from Tom Ford. The shirt has a large spread collar and two-button scalloped cuffs. Ford’s cuffs are a very unique design and something I’d like to see Bond wearing. The scalloped cuffs have an elegant curve, and whilst a few other brands offer such a cuff, none are as dramatic in size and shape as Tom Ford’s. Fallon’s tie is a large black and white gingham check, tied in a windsor knot. His shoes are black.

Tom Ford's 2-Button Scalloped Cuff
Tom Ford’s 2-Button Scalloped Cuff


  1. Interesting to compare how the suit looks on Craig and on Fallon. Does Fallon have the suit in any other colour? His looks like it has a lot less shape to it, although it’s hard to tell from the photos and the dark suit possibly blending in to the shadows. I wonder how much that has to do with each man’s body shape, and how much to do with the tailoring?

    • I’ve never seen this suit in another colour on Fallon. Fallon’s suit definitely has a lot of shape, but considering how different Fallon’s body type is the suit doesn’t look the same.

  2. I have a few shirts from a small company called Ledbury that feature cuffs that are similar to the diagram above. However, the cuffs on my shirts have only one button.

    It’s an elegant design and goes well with a suit, but I have found that they do not work as well under a sweater.

  3. While the length of the jacket remains tasteless – ditto with the break on the trousers – the nipped waist of the O’Connor jacket cut is far less objectionable (if objectionable at all) on Fallon than when it was worn completely undersized on Craig in SF.

    Would be interesting to see the jacket sleeves from the side, as it appears to have the same overbearing bulkiness at the shoulder as Craig’s cut.


  4. Don’t understand all the excitement about the shirt, to be honest. It looks ok but is vastly overpriced for a mass produced shirt. When one can get a shirt hand made by an actual shirt maker to ones own personal specifications (yes, I’m thinking of Foster or T&A) for considerably less than this, then the buyer is just unquestioningly buying an over priced designer name for that reason alone. Personally I find the traditional Bond wardrobe with suits from a particular tailor, shirts from a particular shirt maker and accoutrements from various other designer names, far more authentic than this approach whereby Ford produces everything down to his underwear!
    Incidentally, I was passing time recently in Dublin’s premier store “Brown Thomas” and I noticed all the Ford suits on display were the style more reminiscent of the 1920’s/1970’s with wider lapels – quite a number of them peaked – and with deep vents. Wouldn’t mind that look at all on Bond even if it is a little showy. Obviously this juvenile looking shrunken look is not the only game in town!

    • David,

      I saw those same Ford suits at the Neiman Marcus in Chicago a few weekends ago. A vast improvement over the shrunken look, even though, as you say, they would be a bit showy for Bond. I would die happy if they would just put Bond back in a navy blazer or a hacking jacket

  5. So I was on ebay the other day and found the exact same tie that Jimmy Fallon is wearing here (when I say exact, I mean the pattern i.e. Bold gingham check). The color is navy with white and a subtle grey and unlike Fallon’s this brand is Charles Tyrwhitt. I’m sure his is Tom Ford. Nice fine though, I was really digging this tie when I first read this article. Glad I was able to find it and purchase it.


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