Basted for Bond: Examining Daniel Craig’s Tom Ford Clothes in Spectre


The latest “Basted for Bond” infographic looks at the Tom Ford suits and coats that Daniel Craig wears in Spectre. This infographic details the differences between the updated rolled lapel “O’Connor” suit jacket and the peak lapelled “Windsor” suit jacket. The single-breasted and double-breasted are included.



  1. Matt

    I imagine these suits have high armholes – to facilitate a bit of driving and fighting, as well as providing a smooth lift when sipping Martinis?

  2. Matt,

    What is your opinion about the large lapels of black suit ? Being featured as a funeral outfit maybe it is just right and not supposed to be a great deal “usable” like some of the other suits but still think they make it too formal.


    • The large peaked lapels are too bold for a funeral, in my opinion. They draw too much attention to themselves for that kind of solemn occasion, and I’d say the same for business. They’re just too ostentatious for anything other than a festive social event.

  3. Matt,

    A few months ago you used in your articles the term of ‘clean chest’. I presume the lean chest refers to something similar ?

  4. Great site Matt. Certainly a great source of intelligence on Spectre suits leading upto the films release

    Having now watched the film, I am relieved that the suiting is a huge improvement on Skyfall. The short coats and tight fitting jackets are not as distracting this time.

    Also, I think the shirt collars look better than the previous tab collar. I am not sure that white shirts work with Craig as well as shades of blue. The grey suit and blue shirt and tie look good in the Q scene.

    There is something very odd about the suit in the opening scene. Maybe it is just the colour coordination. The contrast of the white and blue in the opening scene against his hair and skin tone doesn’t work in my opinion. The suit also looks too tight. Maybe this is exaggerated by all the action.

  5. I would say that the Bond suits featured on the Tom Ford website fit the models better than they fit Craig in the films. They are certainly not in the too tight catagory there.

    Are the patterns not supposed to be produced ‘bespoke’ for Craig then reproduced using some sort of made-to-measure system for mass production?

    • The pattern for these suits was made based on Craig’s measurements. The suits in Skyfall were a size 48, which was made especially for Craig. The other sizes then would be scaled from that. “Fit Y” is Daniel Craig’s fit. Craig’s suits were mass produced in a factory just the same as the suits sold in stores.

    • I agree. I think it is an obvious evidence that wearing suits too tight doesn’t look good. The models are tall and slim, and the suits look good on them. Craig is a perhaps a bit shorter, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he certainly weights 20-25 pounds more than the models, thus the pulling at the waist, the jacket sleeves being very tight, etc. Although there is certainly an improvement -I would say the suits in term of fit are between Skyfall (terrible) and QOS (a perfect close-fitting), I still think Craig would look -and feel ! a suit isn’t supposed to fit like leggings or a swimsuit- perfectly comfortable in a US size 40R / EU 50R.
      Even if talking about sizes here is a bit ridiculous, Tom Ford has a curious idea of what bespoke is… I now it’s a ‘Daniel Craig’ 38R, but come on…

  6. Like you said, the O’Connors are by standard 2 button and so is the Windsor. However, the costume designer got Tom Ford to make the O’Connors in 3-roll-2s for this movie. Although my favorite Tom Ford model is the Regency, I kind of like the Windsor as well too. Is it possible to get the Windsor made in a 3-roll-2 as well like the O’Connor was? Also, I think that Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson wore Tom Ford in Furious 7 as well. Have you seen the movie? I think Diesel wore a Regency and a Windsor dinner suit(minus the bow tie) in Dubai. Do you think the suits worn in Furious 7 are Tom Ford? Their silhouettes certainly look like Tom Ford. Also, 2 button dinner suits are getting so out of hand these days! Pretty much everyone’s dinner suit at Proms at my school are 2 buttons(although some wear their own suits instead of renting dinner suits). I tried to convince one of my friends to not go for a 2 button, but he wouldn’t listen to me.


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