The Blue Gingham Shirt in Thunderball



As the weather gets warmer it’s time to look at summer clothes again. In Thunderball, Sean Connery briefly wears a camp shirt in blue and white gingham, a check that is great for summer in any type of shirt. The shirt has a camp collar, an open breast pocket, a straight hem with side vents and shoulder pleats at the back. Other than the colour, the shirt is the same as the pink and white gingham shirt Connery also wears in Thunderball.


The light blue swimming trunks from Jantzen are the same as what Connery wears with the rose-coloured camp shirt earlier in the film. They sit just below the waist and have a short inseam of only a couple inches. The trunks have button-down belt loops that hold a built-in black belt.


  1. That’s a great simple summer shirt, but how well cut ! Impossible to find such kind of shirt in ready to wear today.
    In RTW, classic shirts are not long enough and casual summer shirts are too long…

    • I think it’s just the changing styles. I had several shirts in this cut in the 90s, but now my summer shirts are cut in the style of the “Madagascar shirt” from Casino Royale. I much prefer that cut (I think it’s more flattering to an athletic physique), however in ten years when this type of shirt is back in style I’m sure that I’ll prefer them again!

  2. I seem to recall Brosnan wearing a cream (?) short sleeve shirt with a camp collar in “Die Another Day”, the first time, (I believe) such a shirt had been seen in the series since Connery’s departure and, no doubt, on account of the “fin de siecle” motif of that movie, a nod to Connery. I look forward to your post on this shirt as it was quite flattering on Brosnan.

  3. The helicopter scenes in Thunderball reveal one of the biggest and more puzzling bloopers in the series. Felix switches from short to long trousers and back within the same scene.

  4. Thunderball has got to have one of the great mens’ summer wardrobes of all time. This shirt is great. Connery’s lean, athletic physique prevents it from looking boxy on him.


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