Pink Gingham Check Shirt in Thunderball


Real men do indeed wear pink. Bond wears a classic pink and white gingham short-sleeve shirt on the beach in Thunderball. The shirt has a camp collar and plain front, an open breast pocket, a straight hem with side vents and shoulder pleats at the back. If you’re wearing this shirt and someone tells you you’re wearing a picnic table cloth, remind them that the classic picnic table cloth is red, not pink. The Jantzen swimming trunks are the same as what Bond wore earlier in the film, but in a mottled pink that looks like linen and worn without the belt that fits into the button-down belt loops that are still present. The trunks sit just below the waist and have a short inseam of only a couple inches. Bond also dons a pair of Wayfarer-style sunglasses.


  1. Any clue who made the shirt and the sunglasses? I guess both T&A and Ray Ban are out of the question.

      • Is it the same pair of sunglasses that Connery wore in FRWL, or at least a similar model? Or is it possible that the ones Connery has here was bought “off the shelf” when the crew were filming in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas?

  2. The sunglasses worn by Sean Connery in Thunderball are a now rare vintage U.S. brand named Harlequin. They were produced in the late 50s and 60s. They can be found on vintage sites on the internet once in a blue moon. The distinguishing feature are vertical hinge pins on the front of the frame and horizontal pins on the sides.

  3. I must disagree about the sunglasses,I am fairly certain they are Polaroid N135 Cool-Rays.This model also has two vertical hinge pins in front and horizontal pins on side,differing from vert/vert. Ray Ban Caribbean.Most,though not all Harlequins I have seen are women’s models.I just want to be sure to wear the right pair the next time I need to skewer Vargas with a spear gun!

    • I too have spent a great deal of time researching the sunglasses and having owned a pair for some time and comparing countless screencaps I agree they ARE vintage 1960’s Polaroid Cool-ray N135 sunglasses designed by Cari Michelle not Oliver Goldsmith Consul. Polaroid had a big presence in the UK in the 60’s and 70’s hence it’s use.


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