Navy Silk Dressing Gown in Thunderball



James Bond briefly wears a navy silk dressing gown in Thunderball that he likely found in his large, luxurious room at the Shrublands health clinic. It has a shawl collar, turnback cuffs and a belt around the waist. The dressing gown is clearly sized for the average shorter man, since the sleeves end at the middle of Sean Connery’s forearm, and the length reaches the middle of his thighs. At 6’2″, Connery needs a longer dressing gown than what most men need. Though it’s too short, the gown’s shoulders are also much too large. Dressing gowns are often made as one size to fit all, but they don’t always have to fit poorly. Compare this dressing gown to the much better-fitting example in Goldfinger.



  1. Thanks Matt!
    By the way: Could it be that it’s a women’s dressing gown (perhaps borrowed from his nurse)? Actually this sort of gown is cut much shorter than men’s dressing gowns. But in any case the material is very fine and the colour suits Bond very well.

  2. I always presumed this belonged to Nurse Fearing. I don’t remember (and don’t have the film handy)- is this the robe she is wearing when she meets Bond in the hallway in a few scenes (“haven’t you had enough exercise?”)?

    Great color on Connery. For anyone in LA, Thunderball is screening with The Untouchables (another great sartorial, and just great, movie) on August 25th (Connery’s birthday). Thunderball is magnificent on the big screen, playing far better and more effectively than it does on home video, no matter how large the flat screen. And Connery’s screen presence is awesome.


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