Linen Shirt and Jantzen Swimming Trunks in Thunderball


Connery’s pink shirt in You Only Live Twice was not such a hit, but two years earlier in Thunderball he had more success in pink. This rose-coloured, short-sleeve linen shirt has a sportier cut and is worn un-tucked. The hem has a slight curve with side vents and comes to a point in the front. The shirt has a french front, camp collar, a rounded breast pocket and shoulder pleats.

Bond’s light blue swimming trunks sit just below the waist and have an inseam of only a couple inches or so. The trunks have button-down belt loops that accommodate some sort of continuous black belt, which is probably elastic. They have Jantzen’s diving girl logo on the bottom of the left left.


  1. I think he wears another shirt in the same style with a different colour (blue?) elsewhere in the movie.

    Do you think these shirts would've been produced by Turnbull and Asser or would they have been from a different manufacturer?

  2. David, Bond wore 4 shirts of this type, the other three being, a blue and white stripe, a blue and white gingham check, and a pink and white gingham check. There was also a solid blue shirt worn with matching trousers, but that shirt was a different style. I wouldn't think that Turnbull % Asser made the casual shirts, but it's possible.

  3. Thanks Matt.

    I think I recall the other shirts now. I like the style of them. Quite timeless and stylish. I think I'd prefer the other colours than the full on pink but that's just a personal preference.

    Incidentally, some contributors have compared Connery's casual wear with the current incumbant's and I can only say that there's no comparison between Connery's shirts and the ugly multi coloured shirt the latter wears (at least it matched his demeanour, I suppose!) over a T shirt towards the beginning of Casino Royale.Connery's are classic Bond and the other scruff has nothing to do with 007.

  4. I always wondered why the buttons on this shirt are spaced apart but the distance isn’t the same with every buttons ahah


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