Canvas Espadrilles in Thunderball



In Thunderball, Bond wears light blue canvas slip-on espadrilles with his outfit of a rose shirt and light blue swimming trunks after a swim. The shoes have double elastic gussets in white and rope soles. These casual shoes are appropriate for the beach or poolside, and they breathe well in hot weather whilst keeping the toes covered. Though they’re often worn around water, they should never be worn in the water. They go well with chinos and other casual summer clothes away from the water, but they shouldn’t be worn too far away.


  1. for anyone who wants to know, you can find similar espadrilles from rivieras shoes (.com) in paris france. Light blue jean color gives a similar look though they are not exactly the same.

  2. I’m putting together a set of clothes to wear on holiday in Cyprus next week and managed to find a really close looking pair of espadrilles for £6 in Primark, the UK bargin high street clothes store. I’ve also managed to film some white swim shorts (trunks are too brief for my taste) for £5 and a £10 short sleeved shirt that isn’t rose pink, but a really fine burgundy gingham that looks suitable, from ASDA and Sainsburys (UK supermarkets). I shall even be wearing a Rolex sub homage on a ‘true Bond’ NATO strap. Although not close enough to make a crosplayer happy, it is certainly close enough to the look for me, and a real bargin too.


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