Branded Casual Wear: Fred Perry and Jantzen in Thunderball


It’s not too often that Bond wears a logo on his clothes, but Sean Connery does on a navy cotton pique Fred Perry polo shirt in Thunderball. The polo has a two-button placket. The fit is trim but not tight, and the length and sleeve length are slightly longer than what is popular today. Not as conspicuous on screen is the Jantzen logo on the left leg of his white swimming trunks. The swimming trunks sit just below the waist and have a short inseam of only a couple inches. The trunks have button-down belt loops that hold a built-in black belt. Bond’s footwear is the same canvas light blue espadrilles with rope soles he wears earlier. On top of the polo shirt, Bond wears a red wetsuit top.


  1. If Bond was to wear a branded polo, it must of course be a British one! The Fred Perry had an interesting history. The “polo” shirt was actually invented by René Lacoste in the 1920’s, debuting at the 1926 U.S. Open. René launched it on the market in the 1930’s.

    Fred, just five years younger than René, and likewise a pro on the tennis circuit, brought out his shirt as a English answer to the Lacoste in the early 1950’s, around the same time as the Lacoste first became available in colors other than white. Interestingly, the Fred Perry was also white-only until the late ‘50’s.

    The Fred Perry shirt was a huge hit with Mods in the UK and an interesting choice for Bond.

  2. The other notable and recurring brand sported by 007 is in the area of skiwear.

    The champion German skier Willy Bogner acted as stunt co-ordinator for the ski scenes from OHMSS onwards. Bogner's father, Wily Snr had started his own bran of skiwear and associated clothing and Bogner Jnr took this over in the 1960's.

    Because of Bogner's involvement with the movies Bond became a showcase for Bogner's skiwear and with George Lazenby in OHMSS and subsequently, all of Roger Moore's skiwear came courtesy of the Bogner fashion house. The clothing has a distinctive "B" featured on its zip clasps etc. which is easily noticeable.

    Maybe when the weather turns colder you might feature some of this, Matt?

  3. 1A
    An article in the French edition of GQ cited the Thunderball swimming trunks as an ideal quoting this one as it also appears on the posters. Nobody does it better!
    Regards from France


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