Young Q: “Expensive Student” Style



Skyfall‘s costume designer Jany Temime wanted Q (Ben Whishaw) to look like a young computer nerd, in the style of an “expensive student.” Q dresses in a young, casual and hip fashion, and it reflects the character’s immaturity and cockiness. Nevertheless, he is still fashionable in the “geek chic” style. Whishaw’s most memorable outfit features a light brown wool Dries Van Noten V-neck cardigan. It has the zip front, slash side pockets and ribbed bands across the shoulders and down the upper arm, and down the forearm. The continuous collar and fly has a dark blue and red stripe.


Q’s shirt from Reiss is pale pink with light grey pencil stripes and has a spread collar and double cuffs. His dark blue knitted tie from Zara is tied in a four-in-hand knot. Q’s trousers from Hentsch Man are a gingham check with navy and plum, picking up the colours of the cardigan’s collar. The dark blue suede chukka boots further reflect the blue found in every piece of this outfit except the shirt. The boots’ tan rubber soles roughly match the cardigan.

Ben-Whishaw-Q-3Jany Temine was previously the costume designer for six movies in the Harry Potter series, so the young Q’s look is familiar territory for her.



  1. Dear Matt,

    Strangely enough, to me he is not unlike the communications officer in Dr. No in the early MI6 scene when they lose contact with Jamaica. Cardigan, tie, glasses, are all there in a modernised version in Skyfall. Haircut is very much of its time in both versions. Just a coincidence ?
    Best regards,


    • Seconded. I was just thinking the same thing when I re-watched Dr.No last month.

      Matt, great blog. I’ve been binging on your article archive for days now. Awesome posts!

    • @Eric, I came on to make the same comment! I was watching Dr No the other day and when I saw the MI6 communications guy wearing a similar outfit I immediately thought of the new Q. Matt, can you please compare them?

  2. Q’s cardigan isn’t so trendy as to be above the belt as is the present “hipster” style and overly-tight, which I’ve seen many young men wearing these days at the college campus where I work.

    The look fits the character though it being a zip-up cardigan is barely noticeable, at least to me. I like this take on Q.

  3. Nix the glasses and double-stripe collar, and you’re left with a casual outfit that is more dignified than Craig’s Tom Ford suits – which, quite honestly, belong on some twit that “…still has spots!”

    The irony.


    • We all recognize the flaws of the Skyfall suits, but they are still well-constructed and feature beautiful fabrics. Although I agree that the cut betrays the overall quality, the criticism of the Skyfall suits on this blog is becoming tiresome. I have come to realize that for many contributors, it stems more from a dislike of Daniel Craig’s Bond than anything else.

      • I have to once again agree with TheLordFlasheart, as well as with the overall sentiment from FS.

      • As far as I’m concerned, I hate the cut of the Skyfall suits but am most certainly an admirer of Daniel Craig. And that is from a mega Connery supporter!

  4. Call me crazy, but I rather like this look. Granted, the trousers are a bit fashionably slim, but they at least have a decent rise on them.

    You also cannot deny the amount of sex appeal he has. I think he rivaled Daniel Craig with all that I heard after the movie.

  5. I don’t think the look is exactly to the taste of most of the people who read this blog but I think it suits the character and it’s certainly more much more tasteful than they could have done… Will be interesting to see how they continue the new Q character that seems to be a dead ringer for Professor Brian Cox as opposed to a Desmond Llewelyn recreation.

  6. Yes, your IT nerd. See a lot of this breed in Australia, except they usually don’t wear ties and very seldom shave. Where do these guys get their shoes? Perhaps there is some kind of secret online shop which only sells to IT types. Anyway, I hope we see more of this Q.

  7. I think this is a good look for the modern Q. My sister is an exec with Bloomingdales and calls this look “Geek Chic.” Definitely suits the character.

  8. Knitted tie and faint grey stripe on double cuffed shirt remind anyone else of Goldfinger? I notice some distinct Connery cues in this Q scene. Some times the old ways are best.


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