Volcano Climbing in a Grey Mock Polo Neck in You Only Live Twice



James Bond choses an all grey outfit for blending into Blofeld’s volcano in You Only Live Twice. To hide himself, Bond keeps his entire body covered except for the face. The outfit consists of a tight-fitting cotton jersey-knit shirt with a fine-ribbed mock polo neck collar (which Bond folds down) and fine-ribbed cuffs, loose-fitting trousers with patch pockets in the rear, gloves and an open-face ninja mask, all in mid grey. Bond later removes the gloves and ninja mask. He also wears a black leather utility belt around outside of his shirt, which is later removed by Blofeld’s men.


Bond wears his grey trousers tucked into black socks. His shoes are sometimes black canvas PF Flyers high-top trainers, or trainers that are very similar in style. They have seven pairs of eyelets with black laces, a black toe cap, a black rounded emblem on the side and three air holes on the side just above the sole. The bottom of the rubber soles is tan but the sides of the soles are black. The sides of the soles, the toe cap and the emblem are ordinarily white on PF Flyers, but it looks as if the white was painted black. The sides of the soles have some white showing through from the black paint chipping off through wear. When his shoe aren’t the PF Flyers they are soft black climbing shoes for climbing around the inside of Blofeld’s volcano.


Tiger Tanaka and his ninjas, who join Bond in his attack at the volcano, wear the same outfit.


  1. Thanks for covering this one Matt, it is a personal favourite! I bought a Sunspel rollneck in mid-grey as an homage to this outfit. It is almost identical, except that it is a true roll neck as opposed to a mock turtleneck. I do wonder if Sunspel provided this… Great to see some of Bond's less formal clothing covered. These make for great casual wear, and lend a mysterious air!

  2. Not the best thing for an expanding Connery to have worn. The suits could cover a multitude of sins, but this is the outfit which revealed Connery's weight gain since Thunderball.

  3. I know this is a really old post but I figured I toss in my 2 cents: to my eye Connery appears to be wearing black PF Flyers. Not sure if they were available in all black back in the late 1960s (they were featured in at least one movie made much later set in the 1960s – the Sandlot- but knowing how Hollywood can easily be hit-or-miss with period costuming) or not but I would imagine they likely were, and the appearance of black paint flaking off the soles was something else like debris from the set or something to potentially cut down glare from lights since the leather logo patch on them is pretty clearly not painted over.

    • Thank you for the comment. I think you are right that they are PF Flyers and will update my article, but I still think these were painted black. The patch still could have been painted. It just looks different because it doesn’t see the kind of wear the soles do.


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