White Bogner Ski Suit in A View to a KIll


White Bogner Ski Suit

In the opening scene of A View to a Kill, Bond is a wearing an all white ski suit made by Bogner. The parka has a zip front, with the identifying Bogner “B” zip fastener. A fly that fastens with four large snap fasteners covers the zip. The jacket has four patch pockets with Velcro-secured flaps, and the top two flaps additionally are buckled down with straps. The jacket has shoulder straps, adjustable straps on the sleeves and a narrow belt that ties around the waist. The Bogner logo is embroidered on the left shoulder. The parka has a cotton lining in a red and grey check on a cream ground. The coat has a removable hood, trimmed with fur and tightens with a drawstring. The pants match the white parka.

White Bogner Ski Suit

Underneath the parka Bond wears a half-zip jumper made of a thin, insulating synthetic. The zip fastener is the Bogner “B.” He also wears white bogner gloves, again with a “B” zip fastener. On his back he wears a white backpack. Everything he wears is white to camouflage himself in the snow. It helps when trying to avoid gunfire, though for the average skier it could make it much harder to be spotted in the event of an accident.

White Bogner Ski Suit

The parka sans hood was auctioned at Christie’s in South Kensington on 12 December 2001 for £940. Another parka with the hood was later auctioned at Prop Store on 16 October 2014 for £3,750.


  1. I think anyone other than Roger Moore would struggle to look cool in this… but he looks great and I prefer it to the yellow and blue numbers in TSWLM and FYEO.

    For me, AVTAK is probably the series’ sartorial peak, certainly this, Octopussy and FYEO

    • Well, as usual I find myself agreeing with James St John Smythe, but just one small caveat; while I also find this outfit fine (it would have been at the high fashion end of Bogner’s range at the time) I think the FYEO Bogner ensemble was a little more serviceable and discreet.

      For me Moore’s worst ski outfit was indeed the yellow jumpsuit worn at the start of “The Spy Who Loved Me” which made him look like a banana on skis (but again the outfit would have been high fashion in 1976). Shame, as that was the best pre-credit Bond sequence ever and “Spy” was a top drawer Bond movie whereas, unfortunately, AVTAK, as with Connery’s swan song, “Diamonds are Forever” was a badly mounted mound of cinematic manure (with, I agree 100%, definite sartorial high points).

  2. Good comments. The main purpose of the outfit is after all to blend in with the surrounding ice/snow/overly technocratic submarine interior.

    I disagree with all the bashing AVTAK always got (and continues to get). The first part of the film is very good, and we see Moore at his best and very at ease with himself. Moore is also considerably thinner here than in For Your Eyes Only, and he actually looked older in Octopussy than here – face lift or not.

    AVTAK might be the 1980’s Bond that is most a product of its time. Bond in white fur trimmed Bogner with matching Bogner sunglasses (model 7003). Vuitton luggage and accessories that turn up everywhere from Bonds room to Zorins office. Bond looking more tanned than he’s ever done. The white dinner jacket. Zorins shamefully photochromic 18k Cartier Santos glasses. Everything is a tad over the top – like a Bond “designed” for the MTV-generation. Grace Jones anyone?

    Then I still find myself considering that sartorially it might be the very best film.

  3. James Stock, it is arguable to suggest that AVTAK may be sartorially a high point as it did feature quite a wide variety of top notch tailoring (faultless morning suit for ascot, excellent flannel 3 piece in the office, the all too briefly seen blazer, the tan suit, the sports coats. Absolutely) but then so did FYEO, TMWTGG etc. In fact, all Moore’s Bonds featured some excellent examples of tailoring. This ski suit and the leather blousons were also fine. However, as a movie, a little like “Moonraker” as you say, the first part is not bad but, in my opinion, overall it’s a silly 1980’s rethread of “Goldfinger”. Moore didn’t particularly care for the movie himself and it’s a pity that, for me, the most entertaining 007’s tenure ended on such a bum note. The main Bond girl is like a Barbie doll and the rest of the characters (Patrick McNee’s turn excepted) weren’t a patch on previous outings. A lot of the 1980’s trappings you mention, coupled with a flimsy script also make it a turn off for me. And as you mention Grace Jones, especially Grace Jones! Still, it wasn’t the worst 1980’s Bond flick either…

  4. David,

    Tanya Roberts and that stupid fire engine chase ruined a lot.
    I remember Moore saying he disliked the violent parts of the film and disliked to work with Grace Jones, but I never heard him comment on the rest of the film? I still find it amusing how relaxed Moore seems in certain scenes, perhaps aware of how amusing it is to actually play James Bond at 57.
    AVTAK actually had one of the better soundtracks too.

    • James Stock, you’re right about Moore’s specific objections to the film and, of course, a good or bad film is a subjective matter. All I can say is I never cared for most aspects of this film, which I found one of the weaker Bonds in general and definitely Roger Moore’s worst film.

      What sets it above the worst 1980’s Bond movie (guess which??) is a far more entertaining, likable actor and an excellent wardrobe. Again subjective but I also never rated AVTAK’s theme song highly either. Everything about this film’s predecessor, “Octopussy” oozed far more class (including the soundtrack) and, for me, would have been a movie more befitting of Roger Moore to have bowed out on. That or held on for “The Living Daylights” which was again a better rounded movie, with better characterisations, than “A View to A Kill”. And, despite the usual nonsense about his age had he held on, Moore didn’t actually look any more significantly older in 1987 than he did in 1985 or indeed, 1983 in “Octopussy”.

  5. I have to say I love AVTAK – I always see it as Moore’s final wink to the series, his performance is great and you can see he’s enjoying it. I think the supporting cast is great, its my favourite sartorially and the soundtrack is terrific. I think ‘children of the 80s’ such as myself regard it more fondly than older viewers — but I find the 60s Connery films slow and dull (and the clothes match!)… it is all subjective!

  6. Interesting and proper look for a covert mission to Siberia. But, I don’t think Roger pulls it off. He is simply too old for the role, and his lower weight in AVTK makes him look frail (unlike Octopussy, which he basically pulled off well). Dalton and Lazenby could have pulled off this look – one of an energetic, covert operator. Craig too. Roger at 57 unfortunately can’t.

    While outside the scope of this blog, AVTK remains one of my painful movie experiences of the mid-1980s, far removed from the almost-perfect of Eyes Only and the smooth entertainment of Octopussy. I find very little redeeming about it, other than the French locations and Jenny Flex. The beginning of a long decline in James Bond films’ quality and relevance that was not really arrested until Casino Royale 21 years later.

  7. I personally like this ski attire. I think it makes since that Bond would want to remain undetected considering that he is a spy. I noticed Matt you mentioned two parkas where sold. Do you believe one of them could have been 003’s parka?

  8. Nice article Matt! I would say that this is a nice outfit for the character James Bond. As you said it would not be a good idea to wear it for someone who is skiing as a civilian for the reason of something happening to them. I would just like to say for me I find A View to a Kill just as good as any of Sir Roger Moore’s James Bond films were.

  9. I grew up in the 80’s and will always hold a soft spot in my heart for Roger Moore’s Bond. I’ve collected a few items like the actual wet bike delivery bag in TSWLM,
    “Like”Skis poles bindings from all three movies below..(Olin Mark VI, Rossignol ROC Comp, Olin Comp SL’s). It’s fun to have a reminder…
    Can’t blame Moore for anything lacking in the movie itself. SWLM, FYEO, VTAK are my 3 favorite. When I watch to this day, I allow a large margin for any negative aspects that amplify as the years go by. Just sit back, watch as a 15 year old and keep that acquired taste you have for those three movies…


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