Two Bathrobes



In For Your Eyes Only, Bond wears two bathrobes aboard the research vessel Triana. After being painfully pulled through the water in his t-shirt and cotton trousers, Bond dons the most comfortable thing he can: a terrycloth bathrobe. Bond has worn terrycloth bathrobes starting in Dr. No, but they are likely never his own. This one his most likely found in a closet on the ship. The prussian blue terrycloth has a pile of very long, absorbent loops that dry him and keep him warm. It’s not luxurious but it serves its purpose. The robe has raglan sleeves and a shawl collar, and there are three stripes of the cloth missing the pile around the collar. Though we don’t see much of this bathrobe, it most certainly has a belt around the waist, and it probably has patch pockets under the belt.

White-Velour-BathrobeThe second robe is a more lavish white velour, the kind you might find in the closet at a luxury hotel. Velour is knitted and has a fine cut pile, which is very soft but not so absorbent. Some are lined in terrycloth to be a more absorbent bathrobe, but if not it’s great for lounging around. Like a more classic dressing gown it has a shawl collar, a belted waist, a patch breast pocket, two patch pockets below the belt and set-in sleeves with turnback cuffs. Like the blue bathrobe, this robe is most likely not Bond’s own and probably belonged to Sir Timothy Havelock, the owner of the Triana.



  1. If that second robe really did belong to Sir Timothy, Bond is really driving the nails in to the poor man’s coffin by seducing a his daughter, young enough to be his own, on board the yacht he was murdered on whilst wearing the late man’s pyjamas…whilst his pet parrot and Margaret Thatcher listen. I suppose each mission has its rewards. 🙂

    • He’s certainly not wearing any in these two scenes. In The Man with the Golden Gun, Fleming specified that Bond wears Sea Island underpants, and we never see any in the films. I’m guessing he wears briefs in the films, since they provide the cleanest lines. They’re necessary with the tight trousers Craig wears in Skyfall.

      • When you say “I’m guessing he wears briefs in the films”, which films? Like every other item of clothing, men’s underwear changes as to what is in fashion. In the early 80s, the time of FYEO, most men wore briefs (I’m assuming you mean the kind that most people would think of as old-school Speedos, or “bikini briefs”) but by the mid-to-late 80s most men had switched over to boxers.

        I would assume that the modern Bond of film would wear trunks. Tighter and trimmer than boxer briefs (especially those made of loose, thick cotton) they fit well under tighter, modern clothing, and in my mind seem a bit more “dressy” than briefs.

      • I honestly don’t know. Daniel Craig sure isn’t wearing boxer shorts or we’d be seeing outlines. Pierce Brosnan wore briefs in the mid-80s in Remington Steele.

  2. After Bond (Connery) kills the tarantula in Dr. No then goes into the bathroom we are treated to a very unflattering view of his behind on which he seems to be wearing Y fronts (tightey whiteys to American viewers) underneath his pajama bottoms. A disappointing low in an overwise sartorially elegant film.

  3. That white bathrobe looks terrific. It may be a bit too shiny a color for Moore’s complexion but I don’t care.
    In my opinion turnback cuffs look great on items such as dressing gowns, smoking jackets, dinner jackets, and overcoats too -and not only the polo coat !
    But, of course, no ready-to-wear brand offer it nowadays…

    About Connery, I would assume he wore (Sea Island perhaps) cotton full-cut boxer shorts, from T&A, possibly made in the same cloth of the shirts he wore. This is a pleasure I would like to have someday.

  4. The robe observation is quite hilarious. For what it is worth,you missed a third robe. When is is seducing the Countess, he is wearing Columbo’s red and black striped robe. I may be the odd man out here….but For Your Eyes Only is my very favorite Bond movie. I really miss Roger Moore!


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