Trench Coat and Trilby in For Your Eyes Only


In For Your Eyes Only, Bond enters the office carrying a beige cotton trench coat and navy trilby whilst wearing his navy chalkstripe suit. The trench coat has an eight-button double-breasted front, set-in sleeves, shoulder straps and cuff straps. It is lined in a brown, tan and beige check. The trilby has a narrow brim, a pinched crown with a centre dent and a blue grosgrain ribbon.


    • sorry but it’s not. My aunt bought me one just like that,it’s close but no cigar the plaid is just a bit off not as much detail.later on in years i finally bought a real one.

  1. David, the lining is not Burberry's famous check. I also usually see traditional 10-button trench coats from Burberry (or Burberrys as it was back then), not 8-button.

  2. Its a shame we couldn't see Roger Moore actually wearing the trench and hat. It would have made an excellent old school shot have him walking down the street or down the corridor before entering the office.

  3. It's not Burberry or Aquascutum. Sir Roger was partial to Gannex in the 70's but gannex lining is totally different.
    I own a Dior raincoat from that period which has a very similar lining.

  4. As well-cut as Moonraker's suits are, it is refreshing to see the new seriousness that this suit and the prior one at the cemetery conveys, signaling a brief return to Fleming's minimalism.

  5. There's no roll on the back of the hat brim, so wouldn't that make this a "lord's hat" or whatever name is given to a what is basically a Homburg with front pinches and no binding on the brim?

  6. This hat is definitely a trilby. A Lord's hat has a brim turned up sharply all the way around. This hat has a flexible brim that flexes when Bond throws it across the room. The shape of the brim can most easily be seen in Moneypenny's mirror.

  7. Oh well.Your copy of FYEO must be more hi-res than mine because I can't see that; less still whether it is bound or not.

  8. I agree with the fourth comment from the top – it would be nice to see the coat and hat acturally worn. Outerwear is part of the whole outfit, not just an extra to be thrown on in very bad weather.

  9. Does a hat usually match the overcoat or the suit? The former is usually suggested, as hat and coat are removed on entering an interior, but in this case isn’t really possible. From the picture it looks as if the hat matches the suit very well.


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