Terrycloth Bathrobe in Thunderball


When at Shrublands helath clinic in Thunderball, Bond wears some terrycloth garments provided by the clinic. His pale blue bathrobe has a narrow shawl collar, a patch breast pocket and a belted waist. It’s clearly not Bond’s own bathrobe due to it not fitting him so well, and the shoulders extend down his arms. The sleeves extend past the elbow, though if the shoulders fit properly the sleeves would end above the elbow. The length is a few inches above the knee, shorter than the typical bathrobe.

Under the bathrobe Bond wears an ecru towel skirt around his waist. The wrap has an elasticised waistband that closes at the right side and patch pockets on the front.


  1. I think there’s a scene with Bond and his nurse (“mink glove massage”) and he’s wearing a dark blue silk (or satin) dressing gown. Could you perhaps do a post about it?

    Thank you!


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