Tom Ford is back for Bond 23


Here is an article posted recently on about the return of Tom Ford suits in the next Bond film:

Only suits are mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that Tom Ford casual wear may not be present as well. Jany Temime, known for her work on the Harry Potter films, is rumoured to be the costume designer.


  1. I'd like to have Lindy Hemming back. Her work in TWINE and Casino Royale in particular is very elegant. After seeing what she did with Christian Bale in Dark Knight I think Armani would be a suitable choice for 007's suits. I enjoy wearing them myself!

  2. Apart from rise length and five button sleeves, a lot of Tom Ford's stuff references old Hollywood glamour and is pretty frakkin' tame for the fashion world. It's probably overpriced and you can get something similar for LESS made bespoke. The ads with him are also really creepy.

    Nonetheless, I'll give credit where it is due: His dinner suits are worn by some of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet AND have inspired a move back to classic black tie.

  3. I agree with the Anonymous comment above regarding Lindy Hemming; her work on Casino Royale I thought particularly good. I didn't know she was the costume designer for The Dark Knight – Bale's clothes in that movie were excellent. I also agree with Jovan. I also thought Tom Ford's suits in Quantum were quite good – modern and yet traditional for the character, the mohair mod look covered earlier notwithstanding.


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