The Rogue Territory Supply Jacket at the Garage in No Time to Die


The garage outfit from No Time to Die takes the award for James Bond’s most influential look with the least amount of screen time, with a mere 15 seconds on screen! The garage scene’s jacket in particular became popular thanks to the trailer, before any fans knew how little it would be seen in the film. How little it features in the film doesn’t make it any less of a jacket.

The focal point here is the Rogue Territory Tan Ridgeline Supply Jacket, frequently referred to as the ‘RGT jacket’. It’s made of a 10-oz American canvas that is treated with a Martexin wax for water resistancy. The collar is a turn-down style, which Bond wears flipped up at the back. There are two patch hand-warmer pockets at the waist and a left breast patch pocket with a slit opening at its top. There is also an interior right breast pocket with the pocket’s stitching visible on the outside of the jacket. There are five buttons down the front and single-button cuffs that Bond wears open. The jacket has branded nickel buttons.

Currently priced at 295 USD, it is affordable and a superb value for a jacket made in the United States, and it is made specifically in Downtown Los Angeles.

Under the jacket, Bond wears an Orlebar Brown ‘OB-T’ t-shirt in white. The shirt has a large crew-neck opening with a thin trim sewn around the neck and a curved bottom hem. It is made of a lightweight cotton jersey in a tailored fit with short sleeves.

Bond’s blue jeans are from Naked & Famous in the ‘Stretch Selvedge’ model. They’re made of 12.5-oz indigo rope dyed Japanese selvedge denim, woven on vintage shuttle looms in a right-hand twill construction. They have a five-pocket design and a three-button fly. They’re in the ‘Weird Guy’ fit, which has a medium rise and a tapered leg.

JTullock23 and MrE on AJB007 originally identified the jeans as Naked & Famous.

With this outfit Bond wears the Palladium ‘Pampa Cuff WP Lux’ boots in the colour ‘Sunrise/Carafe’, which is tan with dark brown trim at the top and black soles. The costume department darkened the colour of the boots to a darker brown. Palladium’s original Pampa boots were designed in 1947 for paratroopers, so they have a background worthy of Bond.

The boots are made of waterproof oiled nubuck leather and have sealed seams and waterproof stitching. They are designed with seven pairs of eyelets and have a heavy rubber lug sole.

Bond looks dressed for doing hard work at the garage where he is picking up his Aston Martin V8 Vantage. He appears dressed more for repairing his Aston Martin than for driving it. It’s one of Bond’s most rugged looks of the series, particularly since it’s one of the rare occasions he wears blue jeans. The clothes in this scene are workwear, albeit high-quality, fashionable workwear. It’s more of a Daniel Craig look than a traditionally Bondian look. The look here is primarily American thanks to the jacket, but overall it is international, with Canadian jeans, a British t-shirt and French boots.

Bond Lifestyle is an excellent resource for more information on these clothes.


  1. Alright, I’ve gotta say, I’m fairly underwhelmed with the costuming in this movie. I know contextually it makes sense, and it’s all pretty well put together with some (apparently) good quality brands, but very little of what he wears in the film says “Bond” to me. Again, I know it’s the point, but it’s not what I personally want to see.
    I’ve been trying to be more forgiving recently but I just find all the henleys and jeans and soft construction casual jackets to be a bit dull.

    • I agree. I think people are being generous when saying that some of the outfits fit the scene appropriately/well (which they generally do), but that’s a low bar for me and sort of the minimum that a costume designer should be doing.

      • The thing is, some of these looks really do resonate with people. This is one in particular that does, though I don’t necessarily think it’s entirely the best fit for this scene or for Bond

  2. Bond’s outfit looks like fine garage wear. The jacket is my favorite piece of these ensemble. I am happy the costume designer gave Bond a jacket. If this outfit only consist of the crew neck and the jeans, then I believe the outfit would lose my interest. The jacket works well with Craig’s complexion. Does Craig not wear a belt with these jeans, as well? Another great entry Matt.

  3. Dear Matt,
    Very interesting analysis, as always.
    I was wondering if you had the same impression as me. It looks like a scene was cut from the movie, shortening the whole London intro/ V8 Vantage scene.
    When Bond unveils the Aston, he is on the left side of the car. Then the camera pans and suddenly, only seconds afterwards, the right door is closing and the Aston thunders out of the garage, with the glorious Bond theme playing. It looks like Bond was supposed to be with someone else.
    Then we cut to Whitehall, with Bond getting out of the car in his Tom Ford suit. In the background of the garage there were some clothes in the background, on hangers. Maybe he changed his outfit on his way, but I suspect there was originally another scene justifying the change of clothes. This could also explain why the garage outfit appears so briefly in the film. What do you think ?

    • I’m not sure if there was supposed to be another scene. Sometimes we just get brief moments like these. I don’t think anyone else was supposed to be in the car, but it does feel as if there is someone else getting in the right side of the car because of the quick camera pan. But who else would be getting into the driver’s seat of the car other than Bond? It’s just purposefully artistic camerawork that misses the mark.

    • The right door is the driver-side, so it’s Bond getting in the car. The slider/dolly shot is there to show a passage of time.

  4. I like this outfit! It makes sense that Bond would wear an outfit like this for him to work on his car. What I like about this outfit is that it takes the idea of looking like someone who is going to work on a car but wearing it with high quality clothing.

  5. Maybe somebody else already pointed that out elsewhere, but Bond has about 15 suits in his suit rack. Maybe he got rid of most of them before moving to Jamaica, but still, it’s a low number for a suit enthusiast like Bond.

  6. I think the point of this outfit is to show that Bond got his clothes from the crew of that ship that picks him up when he’s in the raft. That’s why it all makes sense and why he ditches it so quickly once he gets to his lockup.

      • No I think, based on the outfit, he was taken straight to the UK. You can get into a lockup with ID and MI6 could have given him a gun as he’s not seen with one until after he’s been reinstated. Just what I think though, you could be right too!


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