The Psychologist’s Houndstooth Check Suit


Dr. Hall, the psychologist in Skyfall played by Nicholas Woodeson, is one of the best-dressed men in the film. Woodson wears glasses and facial hair as Dr. Hall to give him a more psychologist-like look, and in turn his bald head, facial hair and thick, arched eyebrows make him resemble an older Sean Connery. That may or may not have been intentional.


Dr. Hall’s three-piece suit is a black and white houndstooth check in a lightweight flannel wool. It’s a country pattern in city colours, making it appropriate for Dr. Hall’s more relaxed profession but not out of place in London. The literary Bond chose to wear his black and white houndstooth suit—most likely a two-piece—in the country, where it is equally appropriate.

The button two suit jacket has wide and straight shoulders, slightly narrow notched lapels, straight flapped pockets, double vents and four buttons on the cuffs. The waistcoat has either five or six buttons. The trousers have a trim leg, but they are hardly seen. The suit’s buttons and buttonholes are both black.

The poplin shirt is white with a blue and black grid check, which slightly clashes with the suit’s check because of a similar scale. The shirt’s texture is much smoother than the suit’s texture, and the pattern is far less intense than the suit’s pattern, so the shirt still works with the suit. The shirt has a moderate spread collar, single button cuffs and a front placket. Dr. Hall’s navy tie has white and purple polka dots, and he ties it in a four-in-hand knot.



  1. Perhaps it’s a bit awkward to say that but to me it seems that this is -alongside with M’s suits perhaps – one of the few decent suits shown in SF. Since Bond’s suits are rubbish in large part it needs a psychologist to represent true style. I don’t know if that was even intended since in SF Bond is in permanent crisis, but anyway it’s a shame. Let’s hope for better Bond suits in SPECTRE.

  2. I once thought this is a nice suit to be featured here.

    Out of topic questions, are Craig’s ties in SF 2.75 inch or 3 inch? Do the lapels share the same size?

  3. “a country pattern in city colours”… interesting way of putting it.

    Obvious now you say it, but I hadn’t thought of that before. Good post!

  4. I was much taken with this suit as soon as I saw it on the big screen in the cinema & am very happy your review of it is now finally here.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Matt,you talk about ” country pattern in city colours, making it appropriate for Dr. Hall’s more relaxed profession but not out of place in London”,in a age in which the most of peoples in London (as in Rome,Paris,New York) not wear coats and ties,but for the most sportswear?
    Out of place in London?

  6. I’m a fan of this suit, it’s one of my favorites from Skyfall. I do think that Mendes and the producers missed a huge opportunity with this character. His name should’ve been Sir James Moloney, as in the neurologist who treats Bond in several of Fleming’s novels. That would’ve been a nice nod to fans of literary Bond and the character’s heritage, and in a film like Skyfall, which is constantly reminding the viewer about the history of Bond, such a reference would have fit very nicely.

  7. Perhaps Mr. Bond should see a psychologist about his compulsive need to wear his suits too small! Ho ho!

  8. Thanks for bringing this suit to our attention, Matt. It is certainly very nice! I actually didn’t notice the check pattern on the suit or the shirt when I saw the film at the theater. I though the suit was just grey flannel or some other mottled fabric. The close up picture really shows how interesting the pattern is. Overall, I think it’s a very classic combination and looks very good indeed. Do you have any idea who made this suit?

  9. I remember after seeing Skyfall that this was the suit I was most impressed with. At first glance, I thought it was a nailhead suit. I guess it’s hard to tell unless your standing next to the guy or you have the high-res photos like we have here.

  10. I remember hearing an audible inhalation and murmur of appreciation from the crowd at a few different times when I saw this movie in the theatre…seeing this amazingly simple but well cut suit was one of them! I love this suit. It’s understated, yet screams high quality and is obviously heavy duty wool, perhaps a 12 oz./ 370 g weight? It drapes very well in any case, as wool naturally does. I want one.

  11. I have worked in the City for the last 17 years and I can 100% confirm that this suit would not just be appropriate but would stand out in a good way..I wear something similar in a Magic Circle law firm and I get nothing but compliments from all the Partners.

  12. I never thought about Dr. Hall’s resemblance to Connery, but since the producers actually considered casting Sir Sean himself as Kincade, you might be on to something! (They decided not to because they realized that even if Connery agreed to come out of retirement, he’d be one of the only people who could upstage Bond in his own movie.)


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