The Moonraker Jumpsuit


Bond disguises himself amongst Drax’s Moonraker personnel by donning a Moonraker jumpsuit-style spacesuit. The yellow jumpsuit has thick black stripes down the shoulders, arms and legs and black cuffs. The jumpsuit zips down the front, and the forearms have a zip closure as well. The legs have cargo pockets with a snap-flap closure on the sides and at the bottom. The waist is belted, and two boxes sit on the front of the belt. The Moonraker logo sits on the left side of the chest.

The Moonraker boots are yellow with white soles. When piloting the Moonraker shuttle, Bond wears fitted yellow gloves and a black and yellow headset. The headset houses a microphone and covers the top of the head and the back of the head but leaves the crown exposed. I feel a little silly writing about a fake spacesuit, but if Bond wears it this blog will cover it, and nothing will ever be excluded. Look for the Octopussy clown costume in the future!


  1. Great. Why don't you cover the formal morning coat style in "A view to a kill" and "license to kill?"

  2. How flammable do you think that suit is? I mean, if you poked Bond with a cigarette do you think he would last 10 seconds?

  3. I cannot completely see Bond's boots in this photo, but Dr. Holly Goodhead's Moon Boots, with their white soles, white toe-caps and perimeter stripes appear to be slightly modified Converse high-tops.

  4. Anon, the A View to a Kill morning suit will be written about next month during the Royal Ascot. The morning dress in Licence to Kill is another thing that Bond gets wrong, but after all he is only a member of an American wedding party. I may wait another year for that.

  5. Bravo for including Lois Chiles in every screen shot.

    If you are covering everything Bond wore, I am looking forward to the terry cloth jumpsuit from Goldfinger and whatever he wearing at the end of Dr. No.

    Out of curiousity, do you have a count for the number of suits per movie? On a quick mental count, I think Goldfinger has the most (and some of the nicest, IMO).

  6. I thought keeping Lois Chiles in the shots was relevant since she was wearing the same exact suit as Roger Moore, just in a much smaller size.

    Diamonds Are Forever had the largest number of suits in a Bond film: 8 suits plus 1 blazer, 2 sports coats, 2 dinner jackets, 1 smoking jacket and 1 brown pinstripe suit that didn't make it into the movie.

  7. A smoking jacket?? I can't recall Bond ever wearing a smoking jacket?

    In what scenes were the brown pinstripe used (or not, as was the case)? A brown suit with pinstripe wouldn't be particularly common and it wouldn't seem the type of thing Bond would wear either. But then again, he did sport the cream colour suit with that hideous pink tie in that movie so anything's possible!

  8. Perhaps I should've just called it a blue velvet dinner jacket. It was worn in the final scene. It's in between a smoking jacket and a dinner jacket.

    I don't know where the brown pinstripe suit would've been worn. Perhaps it was just made for promotional use.

  9. Thanks Matt. I remember the blue velvet dinner jacket as he weares it with a blue evening shirt and midnight blue tie, from what I recall. Could the brown pinstripe have been the navy blue one from the oil rig scenes badly photographed/in poor lighting? It's just that a brown pinstripe (unless for a gangster) seems a very unusual choice for Bond.

  10. The brown pinstripe suit was sold at the same auction as the beige linen suit. It is indeed an odd choice and probably why it was never used. There is no mistake it is brown. The lining is also brown. The picture I have of it is not very good, but the information I have is from the auction listing.


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