The Moonraker Blazer, Part II: Venice



My last entry covered Roger Moore’s navy blazer worn in California in Moonraker. Bond wears the Angelo Roma blazer again later in Venice, but with a different shirt, tie and trousers. The black horse-bit slip-ons stayed the same. This time the Frank Foster shirt is cream cotton voile instead of blue, but it also has a point collar, front placket and tab cuffs. The trousers are darker, tan rather than beige. The flat front trousers are worn with a black belt and the legs are cut with a slight flair.


The tie has an ottoman rib with wide stripes in light olive and magenta, a narrow stripe in purple, and stripes of ovals in pink. The stripes are in the American direction, which go from the right shoulder down to the left hip. In my opinion this is Roger Moore’s worst tie of his seven Bond films and amongst the worst ties of the series.


  1. I would think (from the stripe direction and overall style) both ties worn with this blazer came from the same producer but it's just that this one doesn't seem to be as popular as the first one.

  2. Not the best striped tie in the world, perhaps – but one can hardly consider them distasteful in comparison to Brosnan’s disasters.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the American striping be considered a tasteful manner of dressing Bond with the fashionable striped tie look of the period WITHOUT running the risk of dressing the character with a regimental tie?


  3. I agree that the tie is one of the worst ties of the series but the rest of the outfit is rather classically elegant. Matt, what tie would you recommend to replace the tie Roger Moore wears with this ensemble as I plan to recreate the look in essence.

  4. What makes this tie so undesirable?
    The colour combination?
    Or the amount/type of stripes ?
    If the stripes, tend to agree, though find the magenta and olive interesting, to where be happy if someone gave me a tie in that combination or able to purchase.

    • It looks to me as if the other neckties were either damaged or misplaced and he needed something right away so he chose the only necktie he could find.

  5. I do agree that this tie indeed is one of the lowest points for a tie that has been worn by James Bond in the series. However, putting this aside I like the outfit over all. To me a nice blazer is something that I like to see James Bond wear! I think it’s a shame that we have not seen James Bond wear a nice blazer for a long time. Do you think we will ever see James Bond wear a blazer again in a film?

    Good article Mr. Spaiser

    • Also, why does M only have the bottom button fastened on his suit.
      Is this a style or is it simply an error?


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