The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt in Thunderball



James Bond quickly puts on some clothes to “take a little exercise” late at night at Shrublands health clinic in Thunderball. He wears the same Anthony Sinclair light brown flat front heavy wool cavalry twill trousers with frogmouth pockets he wears earlier, and throws on a black lightweight cashmere long-sleeve polo sweater. The polo sweater has a three-button placket with white buttons. Bond rolls up the sleeves up over the elbow and they stay firmly in place. However, there is a continuity error in this scene: in the close-up when Bond unwraps Major Derval’s face his sleeves are no longer rolled up. Bond takes his exercise without shoes or socks.

He later wears this polo again in the Bahamas as part of an all-black outfit.



  1. Thank you for providing us all this accurate information.
    1 Question: What current tailors on the row capture the spirit of the early Bond the best? Maybe Kilgour French & Stanbury, or would that be too modern? I would go for something quite military, yet Gary Giblins Book refers to Anderson & Sheppard (!). Bonds comment in the novels about Count Lippes suits were not at all approving, if I recall correctly.
    I would appreciate your take on this.

    Marcelo Diez

  2. The literary Bond and film Bond aren't always in agreement. The body of Connery's suits fits similar to Anderson & Sheppard. It has a looser fit and more drape than a military/equestrian cut would have. Yet the suit has a stronger, more military-like shoulder. I think the closest Savile Row tailor may be Maurice Sedwell.

  3. is this really a long sleeve polo? I have several, and have never been able to push the sleeves up so high. It looks more like a short sleeve polo with longer sleeves!!!

  4. When he puts it on it has long sleeves and you can see him push them up. He just pushes them up all the way. I have no idea how he got them to stay up.

  5. More than likely, they were held together by tape or staples or something similar to get the right effect.


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