The Infamous Terrycloth Playsuit in Goldfinger


Goldfinger Playsuit

If a man wears something made of terrycloth it’s typically a robe. In honour of Sean Connery’s birthday, we’ll look at a more unusual piece of towel-wear, a light blue playsuit from Goldfinger. A playsuit is a jumpsuit with short legs, something typically worn by women. They’re actually quite popular in women’s fashions this summer, but they’re not made of terrycloth. Bond’s playsuit zips three-quarters up the chest and has a button and loop that can close the top, which can occasionally be found of camp collars like this playsuit has. It has a built-in belt around the waist with elastic around the back. There’s an open patch breast pocket and large patch pockets below the belt.

Goldfinger Playsuit

Underneath the playsuit Bond wears tight slate blue swimming trunks, detailed with lighter blue bands just below the top of the waist and just above the hem of each leg. His shoes are light blue canvas slip-ons.

Goldfinger Swimming Trunks


    • I’m not Matt, but those were probably off the rack back then. If memory serves me correctly, I’ve seen things like those in other ’60s movies.

      It’s interesting how we’ve actually gone backwards in some ways and forward in others. Backwards in that men are afraid to show any leg above the knee, forward in that Bond’s treatment of the girl in this scene would no longer be tolerated!

  1. I never had a problem with this, admittedly somewhat bizarre, cover-up. I guess I always chalked it up to some sort of 1964 thing, and I never thought it looked bad or even really noticeable. Connery here, at his absolute 1962-64 physical peak, pulls it off well enough.

    And yes, this Mad Men-like scene is cringe-inducing. Great TV show, by the way.

  2. I would like to either make or get hold of a similar toweling play suit to the one James wears in Goldfinger, do you know wear i could get a pattern, or buy one?


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