The "Harrington" Jacket in Quantum of Solace


One of Daniel Craig’s most popular outfits in Quantum of Solace is his jacket in Bolivia. The dark navy cotton, zip-front jacket is by Tom Ford. Ford’s inspiration came from the G4 Harrington jacket by Baracuta, who have made Harrington jackets for over half a century. The jacket has cuffs and a waistband that adjust with buttons. There are slash pockets on the sides that close with buttons.

Underneath the jacket Bond wears a short-sleeve navy polo, also by Tom Ford. The polo is has a two-button placket and a small chest pocket. For the first time, Bond wears denim blue jeans. The jeans are by 7 For All Mankind in a dark blue “Mercer” wash. Jeans have become something for more than just labourers, and today people wear in a variety of environments. But are they appropriate for Bond?

Bond also wears Church’s Ryder III brown suede chukka boots and Tom Ford sunglasses.


  1. Ford´s inspiration came, most likely, from Baracuta´s G4 Harrington model and not G9. The G4 has cuffs and a waistband that adjust with buttons, just like TF´s "replica".
    Speaking of replicas. The sunglasses are identical to Oliver People´s Airman and the polo is very similar to the Sunspel polo Craig wore in Casino Royale. Coincidence?

  2. Thanks guys, I missed the G4 on the Baracuta website, since they really push "The Original" G9. I will change the article.

  3. I'm inclined to agree that jeans aren't really "Bond".

    Dark chinos or Sta-Prest (as seen in some of the earlier "casual" scenes) would have worked just as well with the rest of the outfit, or for something sturdier, how about moleskins or cargo trousers?

    Having said that though, if Bond must wear denim, a pair of dark blue "plain" jeans are infinitely preferable to some of the deliberately faded and torn monstrosities one sees on sale these days.

  4. Bond knows he has to gear up for action when he takes on Greene and Medrano. His clothes here are practical for this purpose but still stylish. Can't be worrying about tears to your fabrics during an explosive shootout, can we?

  5. Like Matthew, I don't think jeans are really Bond.

    One of the biggest changes since DC took over the role is how casual he's become. No more the suited gentleman spy he once was and while that is a reflection on today's more casual approach to dressing, it's a step in the wrong direction.

    • Sorry, but it’s not the “wrong direction” at all. It’s fitting in with the essence of the literary Bond, who was above all else practical with a dash of style. The dandified Bond of the post Connery and pre Craig era are what’s truly “wrong” with the franchise.

    • Agreed. Bond wore black canvas jeans in the Dr No novel; it’s not inconsistent with Fleming’s approach to clothe him in denim jeans in 2008. If anything, Craig has been the first Bond since Connery to dress as Bond – or more accurately, Fleming – would have, casually, for his time.

  6. Very informative post.

    I agree with Anonymous. Jeans may not fit our classic idea of Bond, but this is a very nice pair and the wardrobe choice as a whole is very practical and doesn't skimp on style. Craig already destroyed one suit at the beginning of the film. Why sacrifice another? Would you prefer that he wear straighttactical gear like Brosnan does toward the end of "Tomorrow Never Dies"?

    Speaking of TND – Matt, would you consider posting about the blue, three-piece suit Bond wears at the beginning of the film; just after his Danish lesson? It isn't shown much without the tan overcoat, so it might be more difficult than most.

    Love the site. Thanks a million. Keep up the good work.

  7. I don't know, I think here it's a matter of form and function. Would a suit really be the most practical thing to wear for desert combat? Yes Roger Moore had on his double-breasted dinner suit in Egypt but that was more for laughs at how out of place he looked than for the sake of function.

    Craig's outfit here is casual, but the clothes fit well and he doesn't look sloppy (well not until he's been through battle anyway.) Casual clothing isn't in and of itself a bad thing, it's sloppiness and tastelessness that plague modern styles of dress. Chalk that up to society growing increasingly lazy..

    Knowing the more realistic, modern direction that the producers are taking right now, it seems only natural that Bond would wear what he deems appropriate for the situation. Not only would he look out of place in one of his Tom Ford suits, but they wouldn't provide him with the protection and durability that this situation calls for. He's planning to start blowing things up and shoot people now, not woo Strawberry Fields.

    On a completely un-related note, does anyone have an idea what kind of beer Bond and Felix are drinking in these scenes? Just curious.

    • The movie scene was taking place in Bolivia. It might have been shot in Panama/Chile since they did some of the Bolivian scenes there… the beer to avoid copyright troubles (I am assuming) has a fake label that reads “cerveza” which translated from spanish to english is “beer
      ” – creative I know. If you are interested, the most popular local beer in Bolivia is Paceña (Huari) and is one of, if not the best beers in the world!

  8. Actually Bond has worn jeans before, in the Dr No novel when he goes to Crab Key island, he wears black jeans for the duration of that adventure.

  9. Bond wears jeans in some novels, not only Dr No, but we are talking about the movies. BTW I remember black and brown jeans in the novels. Has Bond ever been wearing classic blue jeans in the books?
    I guess Bond also wears jeans in Casino Royale — in short scene in the morning at the balcony while he's talking to Mathis. But maybe that are chinos, no doubt he wears nice cardigan in that scene. And after all he was wearing blue jeans earlier in QOS, in the hotel scene with Fields while he's shirtless.

  10. Anonymous posts #1 & #2:

    Agreed. The outfit here is stylish and practical at the same time. The clothes here suit the mission.

    Craig is touted as playing more of a "Fleming Bond" than his predecessor, and Fleming wasn't above putting his creation into jeans if they were appropriate for the mission.

  11. Interesting that Daniel Craig himself originally picked a cream-colored TF Harrington before they put him in the midnight blue one. I have yet to see another harrington jacket (not counting the Magnoli replica, of course!) that looks as good as this one.

    As for the jeans, polo and chukkas, I think the colors are dark for the desert, but incredibly stylish for casual clothing for a man about to do some major killing.

  12. I seen a Tom Ford Harrington jacket that was a mix of silk and cotton. Matt could this jacket in QOS possibly have some silk in it ? The jacket I saw look almost identical.

  13. Hi Matt, do you think the weave of the cotton in the jacket is a cotton twill or could it be another type of cotton weave?

  14. I find nothing wrong with Bond wearing jeans, especially in an environment like this where tough denim is more practical. And honestly, at a certain point we have to admit that fashion HAS changed. Bond didn’t wear jeans and a T-shirt in the 1960s because they were still viewed as the clothes of the lower class (either workers or rebels), but Bond has always been about fashion rather than a specific look. Even Fleming gave Bond some unusual quirks for his time, like wearing loafers in places that they would be considered too casual after picking up the habit in America.

    Today jeans are something worn by everyone in all but the most formal environments and can cost thousands of dollars. Dark, properly fitting jeans are perfectly acceptable and attractive in the modern day.

  15. According to an article on From Tailors With Love’s website the Harrington is half lined for breathability.


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