The Fly Who Loved Me: Roger Moore as Father Christmas


For Christmas 2004, UNICEF presented a short animated film starring Roger Moore as Father Christmas titled The Fly Who Loved Me. In this comical story, Father Christmas’ reindeer has injured himself and Father Christmas, and a fly unexpectedly saves Christmas. Roger Moore voices a sarcastic Father Christmas, and a photo of his face is used as part of the animated character. With the beard overlaid on his face, we’re reminded of his roles Rufus Excalibur ffolkes in North Sea Hijack and Lord Edgar Dobbs in The Quest.

You can watch the film below:

Moore is drawn wearing the familiar red Father Christmas/Santa Claus outfit. Father Christmas was historically dressed in other colours in addition to red, and in this film we briefly see him wearing his outfit in green, tan, yellow and turquoise. Otherwise he wears the classic red uniform that has been the standard uniform for the character since the early 20th century.

The animation style is very simple, so there are not many details of the outfit to discuss. Father Christmas’ coat is a simple red pullover with white fur-trimmed cuffs and hem. Ordinarily the coat would be made of velvet or velveteen and fastens with more fur trim and buttons down the front. The unbroken expanse of red in this illustrated Father Christmas emphasises his rotundness. The trousers match the coat in red.

The outfit is accessorised with the usual red Victorian-style stocking cap with a white fur bobble on top, which he wears over a bandaged head. His boots are dark brown with a long pointy toe and a small pointy heel, and they are trimmed with white fur at the top. He wears brown gloves.

Happy Holidays from The Suits of James Bond!



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