The Navy Flannel Chalk Stripe Suit in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service



In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service it was established to be Christmas time, during which London is a somewhat cold place. And it’s the perfect time of year to wear your flannel chalk stripe suit to the office, just as Bond does. We first see it during his visit to the College of Arms and later at Universal Exports. Bond’s suit is navy blue with a somewhat closely spaced soft white chalk stripe.

The jacket and trousers are cut the same as the navy herringbone suit he wears earlier in the film. However, the waistcoat is a bit different. This time it’s a seven-button with six to button, meaning the bottom button is on the cutaway part of the waistcoat. A seven-button waistcoat best be left to the gentleman over six feet tall, and it might look odd worn with anything other than a button three jacket.


The shirt here, made by Frank Foster, is sky blue poplin with a point collar, and Lazenby again wears a navy silk knit tie.

Lazenby wears black low-sided slip-on shoes with this suit. The quarters of the shoes extend as strap over the vamp like a monk shoe would.

This isn’t the first time that we seen Bond in a navy flannel chalk stripe. Previously he wore one in the final scenes of From Russia With Love in Venice.



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