The Final Spectre Trailer: Blue Sharkskin Suit and Light Brown Jacket



In the final Spectre trailer we get a look at two tailored outfits we haven’t seen much of before. The first is a blue sharkskin suit—woven in dark blue and light blue yarns—that we got a glimpse of in the full-length trailer. We also saw this outfit on a few of the final posters for Spectre. The final trailer features some great shots of this suit, and it’s the same as the other Tom Ford O’Connor suits in Spectre. The button two, show one (also called three-roll-two) suit jacket has straight shoulders with roped sleeve heads, a close fit and a short length. It is detailed with a single vent, slightly slanted flap pockets and four cuff buttons (with the last button worn open). The suit trousers have a flat front, narrow straight legs with turn-ups, and wide extended waistband with side adjusters,

With this suit, Bond wears a white shirt with a point collar and double cuffs. He matches the shirt with a folded white handkerchief in his breast pocket. The solid dark navy ottoman tie matches the darker yarns in the suit, and Bond ties it in a four-in-hand knot. Bond wears black, Dainite studded rubber-soled derby shoes with this suit with this suit, and they’re the Norwich model from Crockett & Jones.

Of all the looks that Daniel Craig wears in Spectre, this is the most classic Bond suit, and its elegant simplicity will prove to make this a memorable outfit. The navy two-piece suit with a navy tie recalls combinations that Sean Connery wears in From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice. The white shirt recalls the navy herringbone flannel suit that Connery wears in Goldfinger, as well as the literary Bond’s usual outfit.


The other outfit from Spectre that we get a new look at is light brown jacket with khaki trousers that Daniel Craig wears in Morocco, which has been previously shown in a publicity still. The jacket and trousers are so close in colour that they look like a mismatched suit, but the jacket is darker and has more texture than the trousers have. Neither item is from Tom Ford but actually from Brunello Cucinelli. The light brown button three jacket is made of a wool, linen and silk blend, and it is cut with soft shoulders and a close, short fit. Its fishmouth lapels have conspicuous pick stitching. The jacket also has slanted pockets, double vents and four cuff buttons with all fastened, if the jacket has working cuffs. This is James Bond’s first odd jacket since the navy double-breasted blazer in GoldenEye.

The flat front khaki trousers, which are slightly lighter and smoother than the jacket, are made of a lightweight chino cotton material. They have a low rise and narrow, straight legs. They are pressed with a crease, but the crease has faded and is not longer sharp. Craig wears them with a brown woven leather belt with a solid brown leather tab on the end with holes. The trousers may be the same trousers that Craig also wears with a navy Tom Ford polo and a tan suede jacket from Matchless.

The white shirt is from Tom Ford. The collar is the same point collar that Daniel Craig wears on his shirts with all the other O’Connor suits in Spectre, and the shirt has cocktail cuffs. The tie is rust brown knitted silk with a pointed wide end and a straight narrow end, which suggests it is from Tom Ford. Though most knitted ties have straight ends, Tom Ford and a some others sell similar ties. In the fashion of the infamous pink tie in Diamonds Are Forever, this tie is too short and ends a few inches above the trousers. This outfit unusually lacks a pocket square. The sunglasses are the Tom Ford Henry model.

Seeing Bond in light brown again makes us recall Roger Moore, and this outfit is similar to but more casual and relaxed than any of the brown suits or tan sports coats that Moore wears in his Bond films. Let us not forget the tan suit that Timothy Dalton wears in The Living Daylights, also worn in Morocco like this brown outfit in Spectre. Dalton dresses his suit down by forgoing the tie, but even though Craig wears a tie with this outfit it still has the same casual demeanour. Like on Moore, the light brown jacket is flattering to Daniel Craig’s complexion.


  1. Matt,
    Nice work as usual. I must say I am impressed by the amount of detail you managed to extract from a 75 second trailer.
    I may get some lashing from the others who frequent this site for saying this. But the light brown jacket actually reminds me of Connery’s hacking jacket outfit in Goldfinger. Sort of a warm weather version. Brown textured jacket (here in linen) with slightly lighter brown trousers (here in smooth cotton twill) with white shirt and dark brown knit tie. IIRC, Connery didn’t wear a pocket square with his hacking jacket either. Of course the hacking jacket is one of my favorite Connery outfits so I may be reaching a bit here.
    I like the overall combination here but as usual I’m not too fond of the fit. I’ve only seen shots of the brown jacket unbuttoned, but it seems to be even shorter than his suit jackets! I guess we’ll have to wait for the movie to come out to see the whole article.
    On a separate note, I’m intrigued by Christoph Waltz’s jacket collar in the trailer. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll design this villain’s wardrobe.

    • No, you’re right about the similarities to Connery’s outfit. Connery’s jacket has a pattern while this jacket does not, but the similar tones between the jacket and trousers mimic Connery’s outfit, as does the knitted tie.

  2. Based on that still alone (I have been trying to avoid the trailers), I’m sorry to say I think that the brown/tan outfit is a suit. Look at the right of the photo, where the jacket is in contact with the top of trousers: the colour is identical, suggesting that it may just the way the shot is lit that makes the jacket look darker elsewhere. If I am right, I think that’s a shame, because I would love to see Bond go back to sports coats (as opposed to harringtons, cardigans etc) as casual wear, particularly if he did so with an outfit that evoked the classic rig from Goldfinger.

    • If this is a suit, he should have had his pants pressed! On a different note, I, too, am pining to see Bond wear a sport coat or a blazer again.

    • I don’t believe Temine and Craig would be so desperate to subvert the “old fashioned” suit that they’d do away with creases on suit trousers. Plus, if it were a suit then surely they would have had Tom Ford make it.

  3. Matt, didn’t the original info from Tom Ford include mention of an O’Connor suit in a left-hand twill? We haven’t seen that one – perhaps the brown jacket and pants replaced that suit for some reason (certainly doesn’t look like an O’Connor suit in the stills). On an unrelated note, a staff member at Tom Ford Miami indicated that Craig would be a wearing the TF cardigan but in white this time. Don’t know how accurate that is -heard anything?

    • The original Tom Ford information did indeed include an O’Connor suit in a khaki left-hand twill. We haven’t seen that suit in any of the trailers, but it’s not likely we will since there’s this similar outfit. I haven’t heard anything about a cardigan.

  4. Regardless of whether the outfit is a suit or a sports coat and trousers combination the return of this colour scheme is most welcome. The expansion of Bond’s wardrobe colour scheme is no harm by now. Plus, as previously mentioned, it’s flattering to Craig’s complexion and perfect for its setting. If the colour has it’s roots in Bond’s cinematic history then the appalling cut is unfortunately what drags it down. Moore’s brown silk suit in TSWLM may be almost universally derided on this forum and it may, like this suit, have betrayed the tailoring of its era however it did fit and that’s the crucial difference. There’s no effective way to make this look of the past 5 years look well tailored (the same principle applied to the loose double breasted suits of the late 80’s/early 90’s but not to 1970’s fashions) and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, this viewpoint will have its detractors but likely, when viewed through the prism of historical perspective in another ten years time, say, the validity of this stance will be appreciated. Also, why are almost all Craig’s shirts in this movie white? If they want to emulate past looks then a variation including some creams and blues could be considered. Better on Craig’s complexion too.

  5. Matt, where’s the outfit with the polo that you describe? “The trousers may be the same trousers that Craig also wears with a navy Tom Ford polo and a tan suede jacket from Matchless.”

  6. Hi Matt, not sure if you’ve seen the Jonathan Ross Spectre TV special that aired in the UK on ITV1 on Saturday night, but thought you might like to know that in his interview Daniel Craig wears a blue shirt with cocktail cuffs! Glad to see them make another appearance not in the Rome scenes! Also you might like to watch it for previously unseen views of some of his outfits, and for just pure excitement building of course! Looking forward to your full write-ups of Spectre.
    Many thanks

  7. The has identified the light brown jacket as a Brunello Cucinelli single breasted blazer. I’d call it a sports coat, you could find the description of the material on this website.

    • The jacket and trousers are from Brunello Cucinelli. The jacket is from a previous season, but I believe you can still get the trousers. The white shirt is from Tom Ford with cocktail cuffs. The knitted tie is likely from Tom Ford.


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