The Blue V-Neck T-Shirt in For Your Eyes Only


After a dive in For Your Eyes Only, James Bond takes another unexpected dive in a dark blue, fitted, V-neck T-shirt and stone (light beige) linen or cotton-linen trousers. We had never before seen Bond in a T-shirt, but the reason why he’s wearing one here is because he was probably already wearing it under his yellow diving suit.

The flat-front trousers have slanted side pockets and a button-through rear pocket on the right. The trousers have belt loops but no belt in them. Bond wears identical pair of trousers with his yellow shirt aboard the boat. Bond starts off the scene wearing blue espadrilles, but he’s barefoot after he is pulled into the water.

The espadrilles
The espadrilles


  1. That’s funny, it’s quite odd to see Moore in a simple tee-shirt ! I thought it was somebody else at the beginnig.
    The whole outfit is nice and simple. One can really look great whatever the season with a few color staples. White/beige/cream/etc. and blue will always be an excellent pair for the summer. Much better than Craig’s outfit in QOS that looked almost black, even if the polo shirt and the jacket were a dark navy.

    On another note, top marks here for Moore and Craig. They both look great in a V-neck t-shirt. They really are the only ones, IMHO. I see lots of men wearing that kind of t-shirt everyday -sadly-, often a white one, and I think it makes one look particulary effeminate. Looks even more terrible paired with low-rise jeans, of course.

    I really must find the time to buy at least one Moore Bond movie in dvd…

    • I’m not sure what type of white t-shirts you are seeing, because I don’t think it gives off a fem look at all. Maybe if the neck was extremely low at which point it would potentially be an undershirt that some moron has decided to wear as a outer piece.

      • Looking closer at the t-shirt, you’re probably right. I was thinking of t-shirts that had a far more pronounced and lower V-shape. Almost ending at the the pectorals’ line.

      • Yeah that sounds like a undershirt. You can thank “Jersey Shore” for that being socially acceptable. Wonder if that makes Herpes acceptable too?


  2. ” I see lots of men wearing that kind of t-shirt everyday -sadly-, often a white one, and I think it makes one look particulary (sic) effeminate.”

    Le Chiffre, can you expand on that? I’m curious as to what it is about a white v-neck makes a man look effeminate. I don’t see that myself at all.

    As for this outfit on Moore, it’s one of the few times that I thought he looked “cool”. I never liked his interpretation of the character at all when I was a kid; I never saw FYEO until 12 years ago. Interestingly, that would be quite a bit before CR when people thought Bond wore a tee shirt for the first time. I thought that it made Moore appear more manly – especially when one looks at how he looked in the pale yellow shirt he wears in the same film. Amazing how the cut of the sleeves has such a dramatic effect on how in-shape he looks:

  3. I think Roger looks great here and fully agree on the V neck t-shirt look which I vastly prefer to the round neck ones. On the colour of white, I suppose they look like the vests which Americans wear under their dress shirts which I find simply appalling.

    • I require a white tee shirt under my white dress shirts. I find the look of a white dress shirt on bare skin to be extremely unappealing.

      • FS, 007 would disagree with you, as would most British males. Apart from the distorted look it gives the shirt, how do you guys survive in summer? I start sweating just looking at you!

      • Steve, not just males but women too. I was talking about the lack of a tee shirt under a dress shirt with some friends when we watched It Happened One Night with Clark Gable last year:

        I was talking about something that a woman told me many years ago, about how seeing a crew neck tee shirt when a guy undoes the top button of his dress shirt completely “de-sexualizes” him. She said that seeing that bit of bare skin instead was a wonderful little enticing hint, whereas seeing even more material made her think of a “suburban dad”.

      • I agree that a crew neck peaking out underneath a dress shirt is ghastly. But I am simply referring to wearing a white v-neck under a white dress shirt with a tie and jacket. To my eye, this looks far more elegant than the stained appearance of bare skin under the shirt.

      • “this looks far more elegant than the stained appearance of bare skin under the shirt”

        Umm…if your skin is stained then I think that oh, say, *washing* may be more important than the type of shirt you wear… ;-)

  4. Obviously this post was prompted by the debate re: Craig’s Venice ensemble however, for me, there is one important difference. I would think the point about this particular outfit is that it is not really something Moore’s Bond would have normally in his wardrobe for day to day wear. It was worn purely for functionality (what else would one wear in a warm climate under a diving uniform?) rather than any sense that it was his Bond’s natural style. That said, there is nothing wrong with it in this context and this newspaper article shows Roger wearing it with shorts and beach sandals during breaks in filming. ( I would feel that Craig on the other hand is wearing is wearing the t shirt as something he would wear as part of his personal style.
    Incidentally, the trousers appear to be the same ones as he wears with the pale yellow shirt. I can’t see anything either “feminine” or otherwise about either the shirt (which seems to be being implied) or a particular style of plain colour t shirt. I never recall seeing the espadrilles? (a kind of nod to Connery I suppose)
    BTW, the worst t shirt outfit, worn as part of his Bond’s natural wardrobe (for want of a better way of phrasing this) was a black round neck thing worn by Dalton in LTK which was a depth even his suits in that movie didn’t plumb.

      • Dalton wears a navy sea island cotton t-shirt from Ralph Lauren briefly. he looks fine in it, completely natural in a tropical climate.

    • *sigh* this fetish for slating Dalton at every opportunity, regardless of fact, really is tiresome. I suspect you are posting these comments merely to offend or provoke, because its hard to believe that even you can find anything objectionable about a dark t-shirt and trousers.

  5. I think this is terrific. Roger looks great in this, which perfectly fits his convincing performance as Bond-as-action-hero. The blue is also a good color on Roger, and it is good to see him shift between the near-perfect tuxedo, the beautiful cemetery suit, and this with ease. The look is both functional and stylish, and I am also willing to bet the literary Bond wore T-shirts, but I haven’t scoured the novels for an example. I don’t understand the at-least inferred reaction by some against the T-Shirt, a staple of any versatile wardrobe. But then again, I live in California…

    I also recall (though I was only 8 when the movie came out and I might be wrong) that V-Necks were in style then, much as they are now. It is a great look, and I, for once, don’t agree with Le Chiffre, that they are effeminate (though I prefer a crew-neck, unlike the women I know who prefer men in V-Necks).

  6. The shoes are more a mix of “Rivieras” and espadrilles. There seems to be an elasticised and traditional espadrilles have a flat rope, not heels.
    The shot you added might be a continuity mistake with “mark” tape for the actors. A rehearsal shot used as an insert ?
    As for Timothy Dalton’s T-shirt in LTK, it is mostly seen wet after his dive so judgment is not that easy, but the style is not memorable. Here on Sir Roger, the shirt and trousers look simple and perfect.
    As for Le Chiffre’s comment, I, as a fellow Frenchman, am sure he thinks of the fitted shirt with a very open v-neck we -unfortunately- see in Paris and other parts of France (paired with low rise jeans, mirror aviator sunglasses, and a footballer haircut…no comment).

    • A fitted t-shirt you mean ?
      Otherwise, you’re completely right Eric. Not to mention the flashy-colored sneakers and the 3-days beard that comes with it -but if even James Bond is showing the example, then what can we do ?!


  7. Rollin, I seem to recall Dalton having worn this t shirt and trousers outfit for longer than just when he came from the water but I wouldn’t swear to it as I have only watched “Licence to Kill” twice (once in the cinema and again a few years ago on DVD) and I have no desire to watch it again, to be honest. I can’t locate a still of the outfit online to send a link on to.
    I wouldn’t care for the espadrilles with a heel as, to my eye, that looks far too affected. Traditional espadrilles like Connery’s from “Thunderball” look far better. I mean, they’re a very casual beach shoe so they don’t require a heel.

    • Dalton wears the t-shirt briefly and most of the time its wet. For once, could you attempt to curb your vitriol and comment on the topic matt actually took the time to write. I think Moore is too old and paunchy to pull this off, but then he’s far too old to be playing the role at all.

      • Well I have to agree with David that that is a pretty horrible T shirt. I know it’s just a T shirt but it does not flatter at all, unlike Roger’s. And it is nothing against Dalton who is a superlative actor but had to wear the clothes available or given to him at the time.

      • Indeed it looks like a mix between a t-shirt and a pyjama top, and the fabric doesn’t make things any better !

      • Spot on, Steve. Nothing Dalton wore in “Licence to Kill” at all flattered him. His Bond (or at least the wardrobe people with his complicity) embraced the excessively loose, therefore ill fitting, style of the late 1980’s. The current situation is exactly the same only in reverse. I can’t believe people are getting themselves excited over what is really the bottom the sartorial barrel; our beloved 007 in a t shirt! On all of the actors it’s not a flattering look, or one in keeping with the 007 “image” it’s just that, as usual, Roger’s version fits better even if, as I said above, it’s purely worn as a functional item, and not as a part of Moore’s Bond’s regular wardrobe. Heaven forbid!
        PS: I have just returned from a beach holiday in Italy where I actually wore a v neck t shirt of this style in navy. Again purely for the beach and fine but nothing to pass much comment upon and not, for me, something for strolling around a chic resort town.


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