The Armani Leather Jacket


In Casino Royale, Bond wears a casual outfit in Miami anchored by a dark brown leather jacket from Giorgio Armani. The zip-front jacket has four outer pockets with flaps and box pleats. Underneath the jacket Bond wears a grey crew-neck t-shirt made by Sunpel. The shirt has a fitted body and a short length. The shirt can be found on the Sunspel website.

The flat-front, plain-weave linen trousers are the “Larked” model by Ted Baker in a colour they call “mink”, which is taupe. They have a flat front, belt loops, straight legs, a full break and a plain hem. The side pockets are slanted and there is one rear jetted pocket on the right. The trousers are carried over from the previous outfit worn at The One&Only Ocean Club.

In a 2006 interview with (what is now), costume designer Lindy Hemming talked about the leather jacket:

“Well, there’s a leather jacket that Daniel wears in the film. That jacket was $4,000 when I saw it in Los Angeles and I showed it to him and we all agreed it had to be in. And so I talked to Armani and they said ‘yes, yes, OK, we’ll make it for you..’ and I thought ‘oh no, we’ll never be able to afford this..’ and I warned everybody and said ‘look,, it’s this really iconic jacket but it cost $4,000…’ and we needed like a huge number, probably 25 – you can see how the budget goes up. But do you know that they made them for me in the factory and they only charged me something like 400 euros each. So things like that are really great. The good thing for me is that the people who make the Bond films, Michael (Wilson) and Barbara (Broccoli), are very, very supportive.”


  1. I'm sure one will eventually turn up at auction like many other Bond clothes have. I'm sure they could recoup at least the €400 for each if they really wanted to.

  2. He is socksless, doesn't he? Or these are light-grey socks? Anyone has this picture in better quality?
    I guess this shoes are nike which he also wears in the Venice scene.

  3. I've added a new picture of the shoes. The socks appear to be ecru, an undyed cotton. He is definitely wearing socks. The shoes are not the Nikes from the Venice scene, but they are probably the same shoe he wore when playing poker in the Bahamas because the trousers are the same. These shoes have not been mentioned officially and have not been identified by anyone as far as I know.

  4. I believe that the shoes that Bond wears during this scene (as well as in the Ocean Club casino) are either dark brown or black calf John Lobb Romsey lace-up ankle boots. He wears the brown suede version of these boots during the PTS bathroom fight & his arrival at the Ocean Club.

    For the "stunt sequences" at the airport, he switches to running shoes, as can be seen in the screencap above

  5. Brandon, if you look at the close-up picture they aren't ankle boots. There is some type of cap on the toe.

  6. Jovan: According to Quantum of Solace, Bond has a wardrobe full of $10,000 suits & $490 polo shirts, among other exorbitantly-priced items. Maybe he used extreme retail therapy to help him get over Vesper?

  7. Perfectly appropriate outfit for the mission.

    I always thought the jacket was black, but it is actually dark brown. Still a good looking jacket, though.

  8. Remove the “Armani” label and what you have is a €400 jacket. Associating the brand with a Bond film, Armani probably sold them at cost price so long as the brand is seen in the film credits. The reality is, there’s nothing $4000 about this jacket apart from the label. They’re still “made in a factory”? For $4000 I’d expect Mr Armani to have tanned, cut and hand stitched it personally.

  9. Matt, from where would You suggest buying replica of this jacket ?
    I bought one from ebay for around 100 euro including shipping but I was very dissapointed. It should be hip length but it actually was coat length, like a pea coat, plus it had overall bad fit. Pockets and collar were only things that were well made.
    So now I was thinking about Wested. Their Casino Royale jacket cost 195 pounds, but Im sure their jacket will be screen accurate.
    Does anyone have any experience with their Casino Royale jacket, or what do you suggest ?

    • I’m not Matt, but I would suggest any brand new leather jacket that price is going to fall under “you get what you pay for”. I’ve heard pretty good things about Wested Leather, but have not used them myself. I’m considering getting one of their Raiders jackets for casual wear. E.O., known as @inspiredbybond on Instagram, might be able to give you more info since he’s had a bespoke piece made by them, the AVTAK leather blouson.


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