Take the James Bond Clothing Quiz


How well do you know James Bond’s wardrobe? Test your knowledge now!


  1. Nice quiz, but not hard enough 🙂
    Congratulations on your newly tailored website, Matt !
    Keep up the great work, and if you are out of ideas, just ask us !

  2. 18 out of 20, not bad I guess. I had forgotten that Brosnan had worn a knitted tie once, and Craig’s Casino Royale dinner jacket must not have made much of an impression on me.

  3. The only questions I got wrong was the From Russia With Love Dinner Jacket question. So I’m pretty happy with the result.

  4. I did this Bond Mystery a few years ago,
    someone pointed out to me in the comments about the film mentioned in one of Matt’s questions and I admitted I hadn’t even considered that.
    All these years later, the same subject comes along in this quiz….and I still got it wrong!

    • So you’re the gentleman behind the Bond mysteries! I always used to enjoy your videos, I would welcome their return if you ever had the inclination. It’s also a pleasure to come across another Adam and Joe fan.

  5. Hello. Or should I say STEPHEN! They’ll return as soon as I can afford a blu-ray drive to take the clips from. I’ve another dozen or so. In fact most are from the colander plots of the last two films…


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