Tag: Tweed

Evelyn Tremble: Too Many Patch Pockets

Evelyn Tremble, played by Peter Sellers, is one of the many characters who become James Bond in the 1967 spoof of Casino Royal...

Woman of Straw: The Blue Suit from Goldfinger

The cloth of Sean Connery's blue suit in Q's lab in Goldfinger is somewhat mysterious. It is a heavy weight, has a mottl...

Equestrian Pursuits: A Houndstooth Tweed Jacket in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

James Bond's second hacking jacket of the series is a bit more bold than the first one, but it is just as traditional. Goldfi...

The Saint: Dressing Down Tweed

Roger Moore wears a smart casual outfit of a tweed jacket with a polo neck jumper in a fifth series episode of The Saint titl...

Marnie: English-American Style in a Herringbone Tweed Jacket

In 1964's Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Sean Connery wears an elegant mix of American Ivy League—as worn by Felix Lei...
Casino Royale Topcoat

Breaking into M’s Flat in a Topcoat and Polo in Casino Royale

At M's flat in Casino Royale, James Bond wears a topcoat in a dark grey barleycorn pattern reminiscent of the famous barleyco...
Diamonds Are Forever Plaid Jacket

Checked Tweed in Vegas in Diamonds Are Forever

Though suitable for winter nights in Las Vegas, for the most part a tweed jacket is out of place there. Bond wears a plaid tw...
Goldfinger's Suit

Goldfinger’s Shawl-Collar Suit

As we all know, Auric Goldfinger loves gold and he loves to wear it. He wears gold cufflinks, a gold watch and a gold ring. Go...