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Never Say Never Again - Dinner Suit

Never Say Never Again: Black Notched-Lapel Dinner Suit

Sean Connery wears a well-cut black, notch-lapel, button one dinner jacket in Never Say Never Again. For such a grand occasio...
Die Another Day Dinner Suit

Dinner Suit on Ice in Die Another Day

Pierce Brosnan's last Brioni dinner suit of the series in Die Another Day is the same button one peak lapel jacket that costume ...

Light Grey Suit in Las Vegas in Diamonds Are Forever

Apart from the wider lapels and pocket flaps, and the removal of trouser pleats, little has changed in Sean Connery's clothes ...

Consider the Placket

You know that strip of fabric down the front of your shirt that you button through? That's called a placket and can be found on al...

The Pink Summer Shirt in You Only Live Twice

James Bond's pink shirt in You Only Live Twice is ideal for both dressing down as James Bond does here or dressing up with a ...

James Bond’s Ecru and Cream Shirts

Ecru comes from the French word écru, meaning raw. It is used to describe shirtings ranging anywhere from beige to pale ye...

The Tomorrow Never Dies Charcoal Suit

Bond wears a small number of suits in Tomorrow Never Dies, only a blue, a grey, and a naval commander's uniform. 30 years prior ...

Pierce Brosnan’s Pinstripe Suit in The World Is Not Enough

For visiting the office in The World Is Not Enough, James Bond wears a dark charcoal three-piece suit with grey pinstrip...