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Bond Wardrobe Review 2: From Russia with Love (1963)

Sean Connery's clothes in From Russia with Love are a continuation of what was established for James Bond's wardrobe in Dr. No, with a larger budget and a larger suit wardrobe.

Bond Wardrobe Review 1: Dr. No (1962)

A Successful First Fitting for 007 James Bond: Sean ConneryDirector: Terence YoungCostumes: Tessa WelbornWardrobe master: ...

Learning from Bond: Combining Four Textures with a Suit

The typical dandy will often attempt to combine an outfit of four patterns. The outfit might consist of a suit in a wide stripe, ...

The 60-Year Legacy of the Dr. No Dinner Suit

For 60 years, the image of James Bond is still defined by the first outfit he ever wore in the series. This outfit is his dinner ...

Learning from Bond: Blue on Blue with a Suit

Last week when I attended a wedding during a heatwave in Southern California, I was tasked to put together an outfit that was...

The (00)7 Times James Bond Wears Pink

James Bond primarily wears typically masculine colours and shades like blue, grey and black, but he's not opposed to wearing pink...

The Semi-Spread Collar: A Classic James Bond Collar

There’s one shirt collar that looks good on every man and never goes out of style: the semi-spread collar. The semi-spread co...

Vintage James Bond Suit Style from Turnbull & Asser

I rarely write about budget alternatives to or thrifting for James Bond style because I feel that it is important to share where ...