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The Skyfall Glen Check Suit

For Skyfall, costume designer Jany Temime chose classic cloths that respect James Bond's sartorial history, even if the fashio...

Skyfall’s Tab Collar

A tab collar is a point collar with a tab that connects the two sides of the collar underneath the tie. Though tab collar is Bri...
Skyfall Pick and Pick Suit

The Skyfall Grey Pick-and-Pick Suit

Skyfall opens with Bond wearing a black and white pick-and-pick suit from Tom Ford. Also known as sharkskin, this semi-solid p...
Skyfall Dinner Suit

Midnight Blue Dinner Suit (Tuxedo) in Macau in Skyfall

You don't need to have seen Skyfall to have gotten a good look at the Skyfall dinner suit. Daniel Craig has already worn his mid...
Roger Moore Street People Light Grey Suit

Street People: A Grey Peaked Lapel Three-Piece Suit

Roger Moore's second film to feature the suits from Angelo Roma, the tailor who made the fashionable suits for The Spy Who Lov...

Official Skyfall Costume Videoblog

Skyfall costume designer Jany Temime talks about Daniel Craig's new Tom Ford suits in a new official videoblog. Feel free to share...

Trouser Adjusters

Though the go-to method of supporting trousers these days is the belt, English suits weren't traditionally worn with belts. Th...

Tom Ford at 92nd Street Y

As part of 92nd Street Y's Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis series, Tom Ford—the designer of Daniel Craig's suits in Quantum of Sola...