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The Thunderball Towel Skirt

Did you just get out of the shower and want to put something on, but a dressing gown or bathrobe covers too much? Do you simp...

1980s White Swimming Trunks

In Never Say Never Again, Sean Connery shows off a better body than he had when he had left the James Bond series in Diamonds Ar...

A Blue Anorak for a Mountaintop Battle

For On Her Majesty's Secret Service's climax battle at Piz Gloria, James Bond wears a medium blue anorak with matching trousers ...

SIS Tracksuit

James Bond trains in a royal blue tracksuit in Skyfall, and it's only Bond's second of the series. The first is a velour track...

Never Say Never Again: The Ash Grey Tracksuit

After looking at Roger Moore's velour tracksuit in A View to a Kill, let us compare it to Sean Connery's tracksuit from two ye...

The Velour Tracksuit in A View to a Kill

Roger Moore's 1980s clothing is for the most part very classic. Bond often wears a black shirt with black trousers for his nig...
The Spy Who Loved Me Bogner Ski Suit

The Yellow Ski Suit in The Spy Who Loved Me

The most iconic ski suit of the Bond series would have to be the bright yellow jumpsuit from The Spy Who Loved Me's pre-title ...
White Bogner Ski Suit

White Bogner Ski Suit in A View to a KIll

In the opening scene of A View to a Kill, Bond is a wearing an all white ski suit made by Bogner. The parka has a zip front, wit...