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Shirt Collar Width, Height and Point Length—and Poll!

The shirt's collar is one of the most important parts of a man's outfit because it frames the face. Whilst fit ranks paramoun...

Poll: Should Bond have worn a tweed jacket for Skyfall’s climax?

Skyfall gives a few nods to past James Bond films to commemorate the series' 50th anniversary, and the most notable of these n...

Poll: Do you wear turn-ups?

Permanent turn-ups—known as cuffs to the Americans—have come and gone through fashion over the years. The standard advice given ...

Poll: What is your favourite type of lapel on a dinner jacket?

James Bond's dinner jackets—or tuxedos—have featured the three basic types of lapels: Peaked/Pointed/Double-Breasted Lapel: The...

Which of Bond’s most fashionable suits do you find least attractive?

As suggested by The Suits of James Bond reader "Le Chiffre," I am giving you the opportunity to vote on which of Bond's attempts t...