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Get Smart: A Creative Three-Piece Suit

The 1960s was an adventurous time for men's tailoring. Though Sean Connery's James Bond wears some of the most conservative s...

Remington Steele: The Double-Breasted Power Suit

The 1980s "power suit" look was something James Bond mostly avoided, but it became a big part of Pierce Brosnan's look in Rem...

Gareth Mallory: The Double-Breasted Navy Chalk Stripe Suit in Skyfall

Gareth Mallory, played by Ralph Fiennes, wears a double-breasted suit after becoming the new M in Skyfall. The double-breasted...

The Man Who Haunted Himself: “Don’t be a slave to convention”

In celebrating Roger Moore's 86th birthday, let's look at an outfit that fit Roger Moore's flamboyant tastes during the 1970s...

Noble House: Navy Pinstripe Suit

Noble House, a novel by James Clavell, was adapted into a television miniseries in 1988 starring Pierce Brosnan. The miniseri...
Marnie Grey Pinstripe

Marnie: Grey and Navy Pinstriped Suits

It's about time I looked into Sean Connery's beautiful suits from 1964's Marnie. There's a wealth of material to draw from th...
Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

The Modern Button Two Grey Pinstripe Suit

Pierce Brosnan brings back the button two suit in Die Another Day after wearing primarily button three suits in his previous t...

The Man Who Haunted Himself: Citywear

Roger Moore's final film before The Persuaders and his tenure as James Bond was one of his most dramatic and finest performan...