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Happy Anniversary 007: Tan Trench Coat and Navy Suit

Though Roger Moore only carries a trench coat as James Bond in For Your Eyes Only, in the 1987 James Bond retrospective Happy ...

The Short Car Coat

In From Russia with Love, Bond finds a navy wool car coat and peaked cap in a SPECTRE agent's truck to wear on his maritime es...

Happy Anniversary 007: The Corduroy Trench Coat and Navy Blazer

Roger Moore takes a look back at twenty five years of James Bond films in Happy Anniversary 007, a compilation of Bond clips t...

Kristatos: The Suede Trench Coat

Aris Kristatos, played by Julian Glover in For Your Eyes Only, keeps wearing an olive suede trench coat. It's a full-length c...

The Navy Car Coat in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

George Lazenby's car coat in On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a hybrid of different overcoat styles. It's a navy melton thr...

A Fancy Navy Single-Breasted Overcoat in Die Another Day

With his navy birdseye suit in Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan wears his second overcoat in the film. It is a navy full-lengt...
Casino Royale Topcoat

Breaking into M’s Flat in a Topcoat and Polo in Casino Royale

At M's flat in Casino Royale, James Bond wears a topcoat in a dark grey barleycorn pattern reminiscent of the famous barleyco...
Legacy for the Saint Suit Cocktail Cuffs

The Saint: Funeral Suit and Coat

Roger Moore's Simon Templar is well-dressed to a funeral in the Series 6 episode of The Saint, "Legacy for the Saint." To kee...